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Blockchain developers are using .xyz domains to harness the latest technologies and develop innovative solutions. Web3 wallet is geared towards optimized digital asset management solutions. NFT platform aims to refresh the way brands engage with customers. Web3 authenticator is geared towards simplifying access to digital wallets. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a web3 application geared towards the financialization of NFTs: A financial app transforming NFT liquidity is the online home of Arcade, a web3 application that positions itself as a financial “super app” for NFTs and other digital assets.The application is known for facilitating loans backed by NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. In September 2023, Arcade facilitated a $1.1 million loan against a complete collection of Supreme box logo T-shirts from 1994 to 2020, showcasing the increasing integration of real-world assets (RWAs) into the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. This collaboration with 4K, a protocol for tokenizing physical assets, amplifies the evolving landscape where luxury goods can serve as collateral and highlights Arcade’s role in expanding liquidity opportunities for unique assets through blockchain technology.1

The bleeding-edge solutions of

The innovative platform plays a crucial role in the financialization of NFTs, representing a significant advancement in how value and ownership are perceived and managed for unique digital assets. Users of can engage in several activities through its web interface, including trustless off-chain order matching for loans, which are then settled on-chain in decentralized escrow. This process ensures the cryptographic security of transactions on the Ethereum network, highlighting the platform’s commitment to secure and efficient operations within the NFT lending space.

Unlocking possibilities: Asset Vaults and the new era of digital asset management

A central feature offered by is the creation and management of Asset Vaults, which are integral to the platform’s lending and borrowing mechanism. These Vaults help users to deposit a variety of assets, including ETH, and in return, receive an ERC721 token indicating ownership of the Vault. This feature facilitates a range of functions such as securing airdrops for NFT assets stored within a Vault, delegating a hot wallet for asset management, and staking certain assets to gain liquidity. The flexibility and security offered by these Vaults underscore’s role in enhancing the liquidity and utility of digital assets. By allowing users to leverage these assets as collateral for loans or to accept collection offers, provides a valuable service for both asset holders seeking liquidity and investors looking for yield opportunities in the NFT space.

The visionaries behind and the power of .xyz

Gabe Frank and Robert Masiello, co-founders of and blockchain solutions company Non-fungible Technologies (NFTech), 2share an innovative approach to financial technology. Their platform enables users to access liquidity by borrowing against their NFTs, avoiding the need to sell their unique digital assets. We had the opportunity to speak with Gabe about their decision to build their platform on .xyz. As he explained,

“.XYZ domains are quickly becoming synonymous with web3 branding and culture.”

You can learn more about the platform by following along on LinkedIn @arcadexyz and Twitter/X @arcade_xyz, joining the Discord, and by visiting


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The .xyz community is home to many skilled creatives sharing their talents on .xyz domains. Cody Samson shares his VFX work for Beyoncé and Coachella on Copywriter uses his .xyz to showcase work for brands such as Little Caesars and Smirnoff. Multimedia designer, illustrator, and animator highlights his array of creative projects. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a skilled motion designer and artist who establishes his online hub on his own memorable website:

Discover Stephen Ong, motion designer and artist is the online hub of Stephen Ong, a freelance motion designer and artist based in the United Kingdom. He collaborates with studios and brands to create dynamic visual content. Since 2020, Stephen has freelanced with Studio Koto, working on motion design for brand projects for clients including Google, Amazon Music, Discord, and more. Stephen’s short film “The Secret Diary of a High Rise” received press in the architecture-focused publication Archinet, 1and was highlighted as a Cartoon Brew Pick by animation news website Cartoon Brew. 2This distinction underscores the film’s recognition as an “adventurous, innovative, and thought-provoking project among animation works from around the globe.” Stephen’s film animates anthropomorphized buildings in a city, focusing on a high-rise tower block revisiting past relationships. It features vibrant colors and dynamic lighting to evoke the essence of city nightlife, complemented by a first-person narrative and a jazzy soundtrack, mirroring the ambiance of a smokey club during a poetry night. An online hub for creativity

Stephen utilizes as a central online hub, primarily showcasing his animation work through an accessible reel. This digital showcase not only highlights his diverse range of motion design projects but also serves as a gateway for potential clients and collaborators to understand his creative vision and technical proficiency. In addition to the reel, includes a direct link to his portfolio, 3which is hosted on presentation software platform Pitch. Stephen’s portfolio further illustrates the breadth and depth of his skills in motion design and animation. Stephen’s portfolio showcases a notable project for SiriusXM, where he was commissioned to design a new set of poses for their mascot, Stella. In 2023, Stephen contributed to developing motion guidelines for the YouTube Shorts rebrand and designed eye-catching Out-of-Home (OOH) banners for London Stadium. 

The evolution to

Stephen upgraded his domain name from to the more memorable and modern, which exemplifies a thoughtful approach to branding and online identity. Incorporating the action-driven phrase “make it move” into the domain succinctly captures the essence of his motion design and animation expertise, instantly signaling to visitors the dynamic nature of his work. The switch to a .xyz domain underscores this strategy by tapping into the domain’s modernity and popularity among creative and tech communities. It suggests a forward-thinking and innovative mindset, which aligns perfectly with the cutting-edge quality of Stephen’s projects, making the domain name not just a web address but a statement of his brand and professional ethos. You can learn more by following Stephen on LinkedIn, Instagram, and X/Twitter, and by visiting


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Industry leaders, skilled creatives, and tech-focused organizations are utilizing .xyz and more XYZ Registry domains like .Security and .CEO to explore AI’s potential. Artist and designer uses his .xyz to showcase AI-driven art. Media and technology mogul MikeJohns.CEO blends AI and human insight on his .CEO domain. Cybersecurity company Skyhawk.Security harnesses AI to tackle cloud breach prevention and threat detection. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to an influential researcher in the field of AI who highlights his work using a “” domain:

Introducing Lennart Heim: Pioneering the path in AI governance is the personal website of Lennart Heim, a Research Fellow at the Centre for the Governance of AI (GovAI), 1where he spearheads the Compute Governance initiative. Since its inception in 2018 by Allan Dafoe at the University of Oxford, GovAI has been at the forefront of shaping global AI policy and governance. Transitioning from its origins within Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute to an independent entity in 2021, GovAI, now under the leadership of Ben Garfinkel, continues to influence the international dialogue on AI. Within this distinguished institution, Lennart spearheads the Compute Governance initiative, contributing to understanding and guiding the development of AI technologies for societal benefit. Based in England, his work focuses on the critical role of computing power in advancing AI systems, emphasizing the importance of policy development and security measures in AI governance. Through fostering a worldwide research community, Lennart aims to navigate the complex challenges presented by the evolution of AI technologies, ensuring they are developed responsibly and ethically. 

Bridging policy and technology: Lennart Heim’s global advisory influence

Lennart’s advisory role extends to providing policy and technical guidance to key technology companies and governmental entities, primarily in the UK and the US. He contributes to the discourse on AI through his academic work, which investigates the impacts of AI systems, machine learning trends, and the significance of compute, data, and AI hardware. His engagement in the OECD.AI Expert Group on AI Compute and Climate, 2alongside positions at INFER Pub and Epoch, 3further underline his commitment to AI governance strategies. Lennart’s educational foundation in computer engineering was laid at ETH Zürich and RWTH Aachen, universities renowned for their contributions to science and technology.

The 80,000 Hours Podcast: A discussion on the risks of advanced AI

In a June 2023 episode of The 80,000 Hours Podcast, 4Lennart discusses the emerging field of compute governance as a crucial strategy to mitigate the risks of advanced AI, highlighting the challenge of preventing misuse by various actors. Compute governance is a subfield of AI governance concerned with controlling and governing access to computational resources.  Lennart suggests regulating access to supercomputing resources as a potential framework for AI safety regulations, acknowledging the challenges posed by the rapid advancement of AI training algorithms. The conversation also ventured into the future of AI governance, touching on US-China technology tensions and the possibility of embedding safety mechanisms in chips, offering a nuanced view on controlling AI capabilities. A platform for pioneering AI governance insights

Lennart uses as a platform to share resources related to his recent paper, “Computing Power and the Governance of AI,” and maintains a blog for further exploration into AI insights. In his March 10, 2024 blog post titled Considerations and Limitations for AI Hardware-Enabled Mechanisms, Lennart dives into the world of AI chip technology. He stresses how crucial it is to think things through when integrating these technologies into AI rules and regulations to avoid any negative outcomes or misuse. Then, in Crucial Considerations for Compute Governance, he untangles the intricate web of managing AI’s brainpower, shining a light on the tricky act of balancing control with the ever-changing role of computing in AI. Lennart lays out a practical guide for those in charge to navigate through the tricky waters of governance, tackling issues like the fast pace of tech advancements, accessing computing power both online and offline, and navigating the global chip market.

The power of a forward-thinking .xyz domain like

By choosing the domain for his personal website, Lennart aligns himself with a modern, forward-thinking approach to online identity that transcends traditional norms. The .xyz domain, known for its versatility and appeal to a diverse, global audience, symbolizes a break from convention, reflecting the innovative nature of Lennart’s work in AI governance. We asked Lennart about his decision to build on .xyz.  As he shared,

“I mostly wanted something short that includes my name (in that case my last name), and I was inspired by Google’s parent company using, I thought that was cool.”

Lennart’s choice resonates with the tech-savvy community and positions his platform as a hub for cutting-edge research and discourse. By adopting .xyz, Lennart not only showcases his commitment to the future of technology but also enhances the accessibility and memorability of his site, making it a smart, strategic move for reaching a wider audience interested in the intersections of AI, policy, and governance. You can learn more about Lennart by following him on LinkedIn and X/Twitter, and by visiting

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The .xyz community encompasses a diverse range of web3 platforms, all united by the common goal of empowering users across different levels of blockchain expertise. NFT platform aims to simplify technical barriers for creators. Crypto index-focused startup aims to make it easier for investors to gain exposure to the entire crypto asset market. NFT platform is geared towards helping creators launch large NFT collections in minutes. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a web3 platform that aims to empower creators to develop web3-enabled websites:

Empowering creators with is the online home of Bonfire, a web3 platform designed to empower creators, brands, and communities by providing them with tools to create custom, web3-enabled websites. The platform’s homepage states “Deepen Fan Engagement with No Code,” highlighting its focus on user-friendly solutions. These solutions are designed to integrate digital assets and content natively, aiming to simplify the onboarding of communities into web3 and enhance the collector experience. In December 2022, the platform emerged from beta with $6.2 million of seed funding raised, including contributions from Coinbase Ventures and angel investors like crypto influencer Cooper Turley of  and Cuy Sheffield, Visa’s Head of Crypto.1

The platform supports various features including NFT drops, airdrops, gated content and livestreams, and community contests. Bonfire seeks to shift the paradigm towards digital ownership and direct creator-fan relationships by enabling creators to build and own their ecosystems. Throughout its development, Bonfire has collaborated with numerous creators to offer web3-enabled experiences and has secured funding from several investors to support its mission.

Case Studies: Jadyn Violet and Odesza

Bonfire has impacted the creator economy by helping creators migrate from reliance on traditional social media platforms to establishing their own digital spaces. Through the platform, creators have engaged their communities in novel ways, leveraging custom NFT drops, gated content, and exclusive livestream events to foster closer connections with fans. You can visit their Showcase page to explore highlighted examples. For instance, Bonfire facilitated electronic music duo Odesza’s NFT All-Access Pass holders to claim free tickets to their tour. 2Additionally, the platform assisted‘s launch of his “Glass House” music NFTs. These initiatives illustrate Bonfire’s role in enabling creators to utilize web3 technologies to interact directly with their audiences.

Educational resources at Bonfire Academy

Bonfire aims to continue its support for creators and brands by further democratizing access to web3 technologies. Its no-code approach can significantly lower the barrier for non-technical creators to leverage these advanced digital tools, opening up new possibilities for engagement and ownership. The platform envisions creators increasingly becoming their own platforms, utilizing digital ownership to create deeper, more direct relationships with their audience. Additionally, highlights the Bonfire Academy, a resource that contains blog posts, video tutorials and product updates designed to help creators learn to build their own Bonfire.  For example, the Bonfire 101 tutorial is aimed to help you create your first page, customize your site, and build a home for your superfans. The blog post titled “Embracing the Raver Realm: A Guide for Creators Inspired by Jadyn Violet” explores the innovative intersection of music, digital art, and community in the web3 space through the lens of web3 artist Jadyn Violet and his Raver Realm Pass. This project merges music with digital art by transforming songs into evolving characters within a Profile Picture (PFP) collection. This guide highlights Jadyn’s approach to blending music with digital identity, his community-building spirit, and practical advice for creators looking to navigate the complexities of digital creativity and audience engagement in the evolving digital landscape.

Meet the team behind

Co-founder Matt Alston previously served as a product manager at Uber and a business software engineer at Goldman Sachs. Co-founder Melissa Zhang held the position of Senior Software Engineer at Coinbase. Their collective experience in product management, software engineering, and involvement with leading technology and finance companies may uniquely position them to effectively navigate the challenges of building and scaling innovative platforms in the web3 space. You can learn more by following the platform on LinkedIn, X/Twitter, and Instagram, and by visiting

1. 2. customer – (United States)

Educators and innovators committed to redefining learning across various fields are choosing  .xyz domains to launch their pioneering projects. Education platform creates online learning solutions on topics including foreign languages, computer skills, and management tips. AI-enhanced social learning app is designed to help users learn about any topic, in almost any language. Online education platform  aims to provide students with access to valuable work experiences, regardless of location or socio-economic background. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a digital education platform geared towards changing the way athletes and sports enthusiasts enhance their skills: is an online platform designed to transform the way athletes and sports enthusiasts enhance their skills. With a mission of “Learn with the champions,” it provides exclusive access to masterclasses taught by world-renowned champions and coaches. The San Francisco-based service caters to athletes of all skill levels, offering insights into technical execution, mental preparedness, and lifestyle management that contribute to peak performance. presents a unique opportunity to learn directly from leading figures in the sports world.

The platform employs a model designed to connect enthusiasts around the globe with elite sports knowledge. provides users access to a selection of online masterclasses focusing on sports training, strategy, and mental preparation. These masterclasses comprise theoretical knowledge, personal career anecdotes from the athletes, and practical demonstrations. This approach aims to equip users with both the techniques and the understanding of the dedication needed to excel. Featuring an intuitive interface, the platform facilitates easy exploration of various sports disciplines, enabling users to tailor their learning to match their interests and objectives.

Exploring From swimming with Federica Pellegrini to cycling with Mark Cavendish’s offerings highlight its commitment to quality and diversity in sports education. Among the available masterclasses is an in-depth swimming course led by Olympic Champion Federica Pellegrini. This class offers a look into Federica’s training regimen, race preparation, and strategies for overcoming challenges. Accompanied by her coach, Matteo Giunta, the lessons cover everything from stroke technique to mental resilience. Additionally, soccer enthusiasts can learn from world-renowned footballer Rafa Leão‘s masterclass. Rafa is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a left winger for Serie A club AC Milan and the Portugal national team. Known for his exceptional dribbling and speed, Rafa’s course offers insights into professional soccer training, focusing on developing key skills, tactical knowledge, and Rafa’s personal approach to soccer. Cycling fans can benefit from the platform’s upcoming masterclass by Mark Cavendish, a renowned road racing cyclist and track cyclist specializing in sprinting, who currently competes for UCI WorldTeam’s Astana Qazaqstan Team. Mark, known for his achievements in madison, points race, and scratch race disciplines, as well as his sprinting ability on the road, intends to share insights from his distinguished career in cycling, covering training routines, race strategies, and experiences from competing at the highest levels of the sport. These masterclasses not only cover the technical aspects of each sport but also offer personal reflections and strategies that have propelled these athletes to the top of their fields.

The benefits of a premium domain name like

The choice of a premium domain name like can significantly enhance the platform’s visibility and accessibility. Its straightforward and memorable domain enhances ease of use, particularly for mobile users, making it incredibly easy for them to access the platform’s masterclasses. A domain name like aptly captures the essence of the platform’s goal to bridge the gap between sports enthusiasts and elite athletic knowledge. As continues to expand its offerings and user base, the domain is poised to become synonymous with quality sports education online, underscoring the platform’s commitment to providing direct and easy access to world-class sports training. You can learn more by following the platform on Facebook, Tik Tok, and Instagram @sport_xyz, and by visiting