In this XYZ Quarterly we’ll cover seven ways to create a loyal customer base. We’ll also provide a recap of XYZ’s Q3 2023 activity.

The emerging technologies we cover continue to evolve. The content below offers ideas for inspiration, showcasing .xyz community members implementing these innovative concepts. The examples of .xyz community members are real-life pioneers implementing technology in the realm of each idea. The information we provide does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by XYZ. We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services we feature.

7 ways to create a loyal customer base

In today’s competitive marketplace, one key to long-term success is building and maintaining a loyal customer base. Going the extra mile to recognize and reward loyal customers stands out among the wide assortment of choices available. Enhancing the customer experience can encourage repeat business and customer retention. Forging lasting relationships that benefit both you and your customers can often be more impactful than a one-time sale.

As part of this year’s XYZ Quarterly theme of Prioritizing the Customer Experience with .XYZ, we are excited to share innovative ideas for developing a loyal customer base. We’ll show you seven techniques that you can consider for your own business, and showcase seven .xyz websites that exemplify these strategies. Some of these .xyz websites are businesses themselves that have embraced these ideas to enhance their own customer experience, while others are platforms that can help you to deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Read on for Part 1: “7 ways to create a loyal customer base”

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Tip 1. Personalized product suggestions

Tip 1. Personalized product suggestions
In the digital landscape, personalized product suggestions can enhance user engagement and foster loyalty. Websites and platforms catering to individual users’ unique interests offer a tailored browsing experience. Suggestions tailored for users amplify a platform’s value by recognizing and prioritizing their preferences. This tailored interaction can create a memorable experience, encouraging users to revisit and interact with a platform that resonates with their needs and desires.

Navigating the vast expanse of information online can be overwhelming for users; by tailoring content to their specific needs and interests, you significantly increase the likelihood of retaining them on your site, preventing them from seeking alternatives elsewhere. Personalized suggestions can streamline this array, curating a selection that matches users’ inclinations and tastes. This guidance can simplify decision-making and elevate the overall user experience. Platforms that employ such personalization techniques can transform casual visitors into engaged and returning customers, strengthening their position in the vast digital marketplace.

Screenshot of

NFT appraisal platform showcases how personalization can redefine user engagement. is the online home of Upshot, a platform that provides real-time NFT appraisals using advanced machine learning models. Upshot enables end users to explore and understand the value of NFTs while facilitating integration with DeFi and NFT applications. While primarily known for their web3 foundations, Upshot’s approach to personalization offers insights that are universally applicable.’s introduction of Collection Recommendations showcases their approach to enhancing the user journey in the NFT space. By leveraging AI-driven processes, Upshot places personalized curation at the forefront, helping users discover NFT collections that resonate with their existing interests and assets. Upshot’s algorithm is designed to infer potential interests based on a user’s current holdings. This feature can enhance user engagement, while also providing developers with tools to create a customized experience for their own audiences.

Their methodology pivots on collaborative filtering, which analyzes patterns of ownership and transaction across different collections, making recommendations based on shared interests. This technique’s strength lies in its ability to make informed suggestions even in an expansive NFT space, helping to ensure that users find collections that align with their preferences. Upshot’s efforts to enhance their recommendation engine, including auxiliary information about collections, demonstrates their commitment to staying adaptive and responsive in an evolving digital landscape.

Personalized suggestions can transcend the realm of passive features; they can serve as transformative tools for platforms seeking to engage and retain a loyal customer base.

Tip 2. Interactive engagement tools

Tip 2. Interactive engagement tools
Interactive engagement tools foster an immersive environment and dialogue between platforms and users. Tools that provide users with design capabilities cater to the intrinsic human desire to create and personalize. By guiding users and allowing personal adjustments, such platforms can enhance user engagement.

Consider tools that empower users with design and creative functionalities, allowing them to shape and personalize their digital surroundings. Just as quizzes can lead to curated product suggestions, making visitors feel seen and appreciated, platforms offering real-time design adjustments or interactive tutorials can create a profound bond. By guiding users, answering queries, and letting them steer their experience, websites can increase the chances of immediate engagement and lay the foundation for a lasting relationship. This tailored engagement can turn brief website visits into lasting memories that build brand loyalty.
Screenshot of

In the expansive world of digital platforms, standout tools often possess unique attributes that engage, educate, and inspire. 3D design platform features a blend of intuitive design capabilities and the immersive world of 3D modeling which can help users engage in a wholesome digital experience.

Where the world of 3D design can sometimes appear daunting to the uninitiated, helps break down barriers with its drag-and-drop functionality. This intuitive approach helps reduce the learning curve and centers creativity. With the ability to customize and tweak everything from the color and size of objects to their interactive behavior, users can make a space all their own. This level of personalization can lead to a sense of attachment and ownership, helping to ensure that visitors have an interest in returning to enhance or redesign their creations.’s emphasis on education adds another layer of appeal. Introducing users, especially younger ones, to the world of coding via a platform they’re already invested in can be a game-changer. By providing transparency into the foundational code of the objects users engage with, elevates its platform from recreational to educational, fostering a deeper understanding of coding principles. The transition from visual interactions to examining and tinkering with scripts offers encouragement towards more complex coding platforms. This natural progression can inspire budding developers or designers to revisit the platform regularly, honing their skills and advancing their understanding of both design and coding. A prime illustration of this educational voyage is our own “XYZ Welcome Room,” a replica of Bruno’s Welcome Room, embodying’s ethos of learning and personalization. By utilizing the copy feature, we explored and personalized, even transforming Bruno into one of our iconic Purple People.

Websites that embrace interactive and educative tools can address users’ immediate desires and spark enduring curiosity, turning fleeting visits into long-term brand loyalty.

Tip 3. Exclusive membership benefits

Tip 3. Exclusive membership benefits
Exclusive membership benefits can be a great strategy for deepening user engagement. The allure of online exclusivity, where members have access to unique content, offers, or experiences, foster a sense of community. This digital distinction can build a sense of belonging and convey to members that they are truly valued.

Offering customized rewards or experiences is a standard practice for user retention. Members who receive these benefits often return, anticipating consistent incentives. This could be in the form of early access to digital content, specialized recommendations based on their behavior, or virtual events crafted specifically for them. Beyond material perks, exclusive online memberships also have the potential to weave a tight-knit community. By connecting members with shared interests, platforms can encourage networking and community in the digital sphere, which can also build loyalty. The ripple effect of these benefits can ensure recurrent visits and spark word-of-mouth promotion. Happy members can organically broaden the user base by championing the platform to friends and colleagues.
Screenshot of

Exclusive membership benefits can greatly enhance user loyalty and promote repeat engagements. A prime example of this strategy in action is Snoop Dogg’s NFT community, which leverages the allure of exclusivity through its innovative digital tour NFT, the Snoop Dogg Passport.

This unique NFT offers more than just a collectible badge of fandom; it serves as a key to an exclusive world. The passport gives fans access to behind-the-scenes content, curated art collections, personalized playlists, and the chance to acquire unique merchandise. As holders of the Snoop Dogg Passport, fans don’t just consume content—they become part of an elite community that enjoys privileges casual fans don’t have access to. This sense of distinction is further amplified by the Leaderboard feature on, fostering both a competitive spirit and camaraderie among Passport holders. Through its various exclusive offerings, reinforces the notion that when platforms offer distinctive experiences and benefits, they can effectively transform occasional visitors into a dedicated and enthusiastic community.

Exclusive membership benefits can reward devoted users as well as serve as a powerful magnet that draws customers back time and again, solidifying their loyalty and enhancing the platform’s community.

Tip 4. Utilize AI for enhanced business-customer interactions

Tip 4. Utilize AI for enhanced business-customer interactions
Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are reshaping the landscape of business-customer interactions by setting standards for personalized experiences and service efficiency. The rise of AI in business stems from its capability to automate routine tasks and its potential to comprehend and anticipate individual customer preferences and behaviors. Through machine learning algorithms and neural networks, businesses can now sift through vast volumes of data to understand patterns that would be time-consuming for human analysts. This enables businesses to create tailored offerings and communication strategies in real-time for specific customer segments or individual users.

AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants are revolutionizing customer service, helping to ensure round-the-clock availability and instant responses. These AI-powered tools can handle large volumes of customer inquiries and can often predict questions based on context, making chatbot interactions more efficient. Beyond the customer experience, AI’s analytical capabilities can provide businesses with deep insights into customer behavior, helping them refine their products, services, and marketing tactics. For instance, predictive analytics can anticipate customer needs, helping companies make timely offers that align with a customer’s current situation or interests. The fusion of AI with business operations can lead to a heightened sense of personalization and convenience, which is pivotal in building loyalty in today’s competitive market.
Screenshot of

Talent marketplace software development company showcases the transformative potential of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies into business processes. As a developer of SaaS solutions for temporary staffing agencies, aims to enhance the talent-matching process beyond just addressing the immediate needs of these agencies. Central to their service offering is the AI-driven solution that optimizes the staffing process by helping to ensure that agencies can match the right talent to the right job swiftly and efficiently.

Wolf’s AI-driven staffing solutions, such as the “Staff Matching” feature, provide a new perspective on talent allocation. Wolf’s AI goes beyond simply matching talent using basic criteria or current availability. It takes into account a comprehensive set of factors, including an individual’s previous experiences, seniority level, unique personality characteristics, and other relevant attributes. This approach ensures that clients receive optimal staffing solutions, while the staff members are placed in roles that best fit their skills and preferences.

Wolf’s AI Chatbot further exemplifies this commitment to efficiency and support. As an AI-powered tool tailored for staffing queries, the chatbot is designed to offer immediate and precise answers, from job locations to company-specific policies on cancellations. This 24/7 support tool can ensure timely confirmations and assistance, enhancing the overall experience for both the staffing agencies and the staff.

Implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies can enhance the customer experience and help build a loyal customer base by offering personalized and insightful interactions.

Tip 5. Harness the power of a centralized contact hub

Tip 5. Harness the power of a centralized contact hub
In the bustling realm of social media, the simplicity and accessibility of a “link in bio” centralized contact hub can serve as a tool for brands to consolidate their online presence. This link acts as a gateway to a brand’s digital universe, leading audiences to a single page where they can explore products, services, and various ways to engage with the brand. It’s a streamlined approach that caters to the modern consumer’s preference for easy, straightforward interactions.

A proficiently structured link in the bio page, which encapsulates a brand’s contact channels and key offerings, can serve as an engaging platform that fosters deeper connections between brands and their audiences. It is this centralized hub that bridges the gap between casual social media interactions and more substantive engagement.
Screenshot of

Enter, a service tailored to enhance this crucial junction. Offering a visually captivating “link in bio” solution, simplifies the journey for the audience from social media to a brand’s diversified offerings. Through an intuitive setup process, brands can create a personalized ‘Pager’ that aligns with their aesthetic and functional requisites.

Unlike a conventional single-page website, a Pager is optimized for swift interactions, hosting a range of contact options and insights about a brand’s value proposition. It’s a pragmatic blend of simplicity and functionality, aiming to reduce friction and encourage audience exploration.

The utility of extends beyond just the creation of a simplified contact hub. Its design caters to the visual predilections of modern audiences, with a focus on screenshot-enhanced content sharing. This not only resonates with the brand’s core offerings but also underscores the importance of visual engagement in today’s digital landscapes.

Moreover, the platform entices brands with features like unlimited screenshot storage, and promotional offers like free lifetime memberships for early adopters, adding layers of value that go a long way in building lasting relationships.

In essence, a well-orchestrated link in bio service like can be instrumental in channeling social media traffic efficiently, offering audiences a seamless transition from a brand’s social profile to its comprehensive digital hub. This streamlined approach not only captures immediate attention but lays the foundation for sustained engagement and customer loyalty. Through clear, concise, and visually appealing “link in bio” pages, brands can cultivate a loyal customer base that resonates with their digital narrative, and in turn, champions the brand across the vast social media sphere.

Tip 6. Location-based features

Tip 6. Location-based features
Personalization plays a pivotal role in shaping customer experiences. Location-based features, powered by technologies such as GPS and geofencing, offer businesses a unique avenue to deliver tailored services that can resonate deeply with consumers. By identifying a user’s physical location, companies can provide recommendations, deals, or content that are directly relevant to that specific area, making their services more pertinent and valuable. For instance, a restaurant aggregator app might suggest eateries based on a user’s location, and a retail app could notify users about nearby sales. Such targeted interactions can provide immediate value to the customer and create a sense of connection between the brand and the user.

Additionally, location-based services can extend beyond commercial offers. They can be used to curate experiences, fostering deeper bonds between the brand and its audience. Consider a travel app that suggests local events, hidden gems, or cultural experiences based on where a traveler is staying. Another great example is a fitness app that recommends jogging routes or nearby gyms in unfamiliar cities. By offering services that seamlessly integrate into a customer’s environment and daily life, businesses can demonstrate attentiveness and a genuine understanding of their users’ needs. Over time, this can lead to increased trust and brand loyalty.
Screenshot of
Mobile order coffee app exemplifies the use of location services to provide personalized experiences. This approach can enhance customer loyalty, especially for local, independent cafes or coffee shops that might lack the extensive resources of bigger chains. After a customer orders through the app, RDY’s advanced ordering system, which integrates location-based features, notifies coffee shops when a customer is within a mile radius. This system ensures that customers receive their coffee at the optimal temperature and minimizes wait times, enhancing the overall user experience. What sets RDY apart is its commitment to championing independent coffee shops. By focusing on these establishments, RDY carves out a niche for itself and provides a platform for local cafes to level the playing field against more prominent chains. Users can discover new local cafes, catering to their preference for small-batch coffee, and enjoy the perks of advance ordering. Simultaneously, cafe owners gain an invaluable tool for boosting their visibility and customer reach.

The app’s holistic approach encompasses a variety of features aimed at building a thriving community around local cafes. One such feature is RDY’s newsletter, which keeps both customers and participating cafes updated on the latest happenings. Customers who sign up for the mailing list are kept informed about nearby deals, new locations, and cities being added to the app, which can enrich their experience and encourage them to explore local coffee shops. Cafes looking to join the platform can find a helpful FAQ section, fostering a simplified onboarding process. With coffee shops like Houston’s Bean & Bottle and San Jose’s Chromatic Coffee actively promoting their association with the RDY app, they are demonstrating the value they see in it. This co-branding strategy bolsters the credibility of RDY and can encourage users to explore the app through recognizable local names. By seamlessly melding the charm of local cafes with the efficiency of modern technology, is working to redefine the coffee ordering experience, enhancing brand loyalty among both cafes and their patrons.

Location-based services can help foster an immediate and tailored connection between brands and consumers, which can significantly strengthen the foundation of trust and loyalty.

Tip 7. Loyalty programs

Tip 7. Loyalty programs
Loyalty programs can be an effective tool for fostering a dedicated customer base. At their core, they are designed to incentivize repeat business by providing rewards or benefits to customers who frequently engage with a brand or make repeat purchases. Over time, these rewards, whether in the form of points, discounts, or exclusive offers, can significantly enhance a customer’s perceived value of a brand. By recognizing and appreciating the continued patronage of customers, businesses not only encourage further spending but also communicate a message: your loyalty matters to us.

For occasional buyers, loyalty programs can serve as a nudge towards becoming regular customers. The prospect of earning rewards or attaining a higher tier of benefits can be a compelling reason for customers to choose one brand over another. As occasional buyers start to accumulate points or rewards, they can become more invested in the program. This incremental investment can lead to a sense of commitment. When a customer begins collecting points or rewards with a particular brand, they can be more likely to continue shopping there to maximize the benefits they’ve started accruing. Effective loyalty programs can also foster a sense of belonging or exclusivity. Special events, early access to sales, or members-only offers can make customers feel valued and special and strengthen their bond with the brand. Over time, the combination of tangible rewards and emotional connection can transform occasional buyers into brand advocates. This can foster continued patronage and the interest of new customers through positive word-of-mouth.
Screenshot of

Restaurant loyalty program combines blockchain with dining, illustrating loyalty program effectiveness. Developed by Ben Leventhal, the co-founder of the online reservation platform Resy, Blackbird introduces a unique twist on traditional loyalty programs: the Restaurant NFT. This digital asset represents exclusive privileges for its holders and taps into the burgeoning interest in NFTs. Beyond just accumulating points, Blackbird users can unlock digital assets with tangible benefits. By incorporating NFTs into the dining loyalty landscape, Blackbird aims to make the special status of being a “regular” accessible and appealing to all diners.

Blackbird distinguishes itself through its innovative design that accommodates both restaurants and patrons. The platform’s NFC-enabled stickers foster a swift check-in process, immersing customers in the program and helping to ensure they begin accruing benefits right away. Customers can gain access to exclusive offers, usually reserved for an inner circle, which can deepen their connection with their favorite eateries.

For restaurants, Blackbird offers a wealth of customer data, encouraging a better understanding of their clientele. Such insights can pave the way for more personalized interactions, developing an environment where loyalty thrives. The fusion of the traditional loyalty program with blockchain technology, as demonstrated by, provides a glimpse into the future of customer retention strategies. Blackbird not only supports restaurants in building a devoted customer base but also reshapes the hospitality landscape for the digital age.

Loyalty programs offer tailored rewards and personalized experiences that can serve as a bridge between businesses and consumers, building enduring relationships and a loyal customer base.

Build a strong customer base by turning innovation into loyalty

Developing a loyal customer base is crucial in today’s competitive market. Loyal customers are not just revenue pillars, but also the most genuine brand ambassadors. The innovative methodologies showcased by various .xyz domains not only highlight the versatility and forward-thinking nature of the “.xyz” domain but also underscore its adaptability to diverse industries and sectors. These platforms combine modern tech solutions with valuable customer service tactics. By merging the latest tech advancements with exemplary customer service strategies, as seen on many .xyz platforms, businesses can elevate customer experiences, fortifying their relationships. In essence, domain doesn’t just signify a web address; it embodies a brand’s pledge to innovation and its continuous pursuit of customer-centric excellence.

XYZ Q3 2023 Quarterly Recap

As we approach the closing quarter of 2023, it’s worth reflecting on the dynamic journey we’ve had so far this year. In the third quarter of 2023, XYZ remained dedicated to empowering the next generation of internet users through a multifaceted approach. This included our commitment to the exploration of new technologies like AI, the acquisition of .CEO – our 35th domain extension, an exciting update, and the relaunch of the XYZ Registry corporate site,!

Let’s take a moment to highlight the significant milestones we’ve reached during Q3.

Announcing .CEO: the domain for industry leaders

XYZ secures 35th domain extension .CEO
XYZ is dedicated to enhancing internet choice, accessibility, and innovation through a diverse portfolio of domain extensions. In September, we proudly acquired .CEO – the domain for industry leaders. With 35 domain endings, we empower individuals and organizations to craft impactful digital identities. .CEO is designed for industry leaders seeking to establish a strong online presence. As highlighted in the 2023 PwC Global CEO Survey, the title of CEO holds global recognition, and the .CEO domain is accessible in over 200 languages, with no restrictions. It’s available through our network of 200+ registrar and retail partners. Regarding SEO, Google treats .CEO domains like any other, offering the same ranking potential. Whether you’re a current CEO or aspiring to be one, claiming YourName.CEO is essential for owning your online identity. These domains can serve as networking profiles, brand showcases, or platforms for exclusive services, offering a unique digital networking opportunity for CEOs and CEO-related businesses worldwide. Claim your .CEO domain today to make your mark in the digital world.

Take a look at some of the early adopters below:

Digital Identity

  • DN.CEO – Professional website of Daniel Negari, CEO of XYZ
  • MR.CEO – Professional website of Michael Riedl, CEO of Team Internet, formerly known as CentralNic
  • MichelleHummel.CEO – Professional website of Michelle Hummel, CEO and Founder of Web Strategy Plus
  • MikeJohns.CEO – Professional website of Mike Johns, Chief Strategist Officer of Roberts Innovation Investment Group & Founder of Digital Mind State
  • Lord.CEO – Professional website of Andre Lord, Founder and CEO of Diamond LLC
  • AntonioSerrano.CEO – Professional website of Antonio Serrano Garcia
  • LisaLaporte.CEO – Professional website of CEO of TWiT and Artisanal Agency

Thought Leadership

  • KingdomDriven.CEO – Podcast website from Sean Kouplen, CEO of Regent Bank and former Secretary of Commerce & Workforce Development for the state of Oklahoma
  • Bear.CEO – Personal website of Võ Hoàng Mạnh Hùng, aka Strong Bear, co-founder and CEO of Designveloper
  • Humble.CEO – Personal website of Ben Muresan, motivational speaker

CEO Blogs/Media platforms

  • Black.CEO – Community platform of Black business owners and executives
  • TheVisionary.CEO – Media platform for founders, visionaries, owners, and CEOs
  • Her.CEO – Media platform designed to help inspire entrepreneurs
  • LadyBoss.CEO – Media platform for powerful, entrepreneurial women

CEO Solutions

  • Bold.CEO – Business accelerator program
  • Halo.CEO – Venture consultancy that helps startups and emerging companies accelerate software product innovation
  • Disruptive.CEO – Business consultation services
  • Boom.CEO – Switzerland-based business consultancy
  • GhostWriter.CEO – CEO ghostwriting services platform
  • VivaPersona.CEO – Lithuania-based seminars and consultations for business owners, CEOs, and their teams

Discover our refreshed and relaunched XYZ Registry site –

We are excited to announce the relaunch of our XYZ Registry site at, where you can explore the extensive range of the 35 domains we own and operate. The updated website unveils the journey from the visionary inception by Daniel Negari to the establishment of .xyz as a preferred choice for creators and innovators worldwide. It reiterates our dedication to providing a unique and dynamic domain for every creative idea, resonating with our slogan, “For every website, everywhere®.” The site showcases the vast community we’ve nurtured, spanning over 4,000,000 domain names registered across 230 countries and territories, encapsulating various industries from health & lifestyle to real estate and beyond.

The XYZ Registry website also highlights our strategic focus on innovation, security, and growth, illustrated through vigilant anti-abuse policies and pioneering web3 collaborations. The testimonials from domain holders like and reflect the creative empowerment derived from our domain options. We warmly invite you to explore, delve into the unique offerings of our 35 domains, and perhaps, take a step towards securing your own distinct digital identity!


The term “ai” continues to hold its position as the leading keyword among newly registered .xyz domains, as shared in our monthly XYZ Registry Domains Reports. This ongoing trend underscores the growing footprint of AI-focused end-users within our vibrant community, reflecting the growing impact of artificial intelligence on our contemporary society. Our weekly blog series, #AIMonday, highlights innovative platforms emerging from the .xyz community of AI innovators. Explore a selection of notable projects we’ve highlighted this quarter:
Screenshot of

  • is the online home of Voice Gems, a generative art project designed to translate voices like’s into a gemstone-like sculpture.
  • is the online hub of the Edge of AI podcast, a series focused on the developing field of artificial intelligence.
  • is the online home of Eye for AI, an AI platform focused on text-to-image generation.
  • is the online home of Optic, a tech startup that employs AI to tackle growing concerns such as fake media and counterfeit non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • is the online home of Frontdoor, an innovative AI solution that aims to revolutionize knowledge management.
  • is the online home of Giza, a machine learning platform aimed at building an open economy for AI.


Every Wednesday since the beginning, we have shared a #WebsiteWednesday blog post that highlights the creativity and innovation within the .xyz community. Our featured members include a wide array of talented individuals and organizations, from unique startups and notable creatives to pioneering artists and more. Here, we present a selection of remarkable websites that have been showcased this quarter:
Screenshot of

  • is the personal website of Karan “Kay” Panchal, a professional designer and independent Hip Hop/Rap Music artist.
  • is the online home of EON, a tech startup focused on revolutionizing commerce and product traceability.
  • is the personal website of Boston-based Adrian Ma, a reporter and co-host for NPR’s daily economics podcast, “The Indicator from Planet Money.”
  • is the online hub of the Startup Hustle podcast, an entrepreneurship podcast devoted to sharing the stories of startup founders and leaders.
  • is the personal website of Allie Rae Conte, a self-described “content marketer, writer, and editor” based in Brooklyn.
  • is the online home of Good Sport, a sustainably-focused fashion brand from designer Madison Calderon.


Every Thursday, we dedicate a #BlockchainThursday blog post highlighting the dynamic projects sprouting from the growing .xyz community of web3 pioneers. This quarter, we’ve had the pleasure of showcasing a diverse array of websites developed by blockchain and web3 innovators, all hosted on .xyz domains. Among these projects, you’ll find exciting ventures such as NFT platforms, blockchain gaming experiences, web3 creative agencies, and more. Take a look at some noteworthy examples:
Screenshot of

  • is the online home of Snoop Dogg Passport, an innovative NFT platform offering exclusive content throughout his new tour.
  • is a multi-week festival by Coinbase celebrating the launch of Base mainnet, featuring on-chain events with over 50 entities to promote a thriving on-chain economy and make crypto more accessible.
  • is the online home of Soba, a web3 platform dedicated to user-generated games.
  • is the online home of Otherlife, a web3 creative agency acquired by crypto payments company MoonPay.
  • is the online home of Upshot, a platform that provides real-time NFT appraisals using advanced machine learning models.
  • is the online home of Storyverse, a web3 platform designed to help users create and share their own digital characters and games.
  • is the online home of Blowfish, a firewall technology designed to provide protection to web3 users by detecting and identifying malicious transactions in real-time.

Using your profile as your Bluesky handle

Logo for
This quarter, we shared an update on and its exciting functionality with Bluesky, a decentralized social media platform built on Authenticated Transport (AT). Bluesky offers users complete control over their digital identities within a secure and privacy-centric online environment. This aligns with web3’s vision of user empowerment and decentralized digital infrastructure. A standout feature allows users to use custom domains as social media handles, which can simplify discovery and engagement. Bluesky has integrated with, enabling users to utilize their Ethereum Name Service (ENS) profiles and associated NFT collections seamlessly.

This integration enhances interaction with Ethereum blockchain assets through easily shareable .xyz URLs, making it accessible to all browser users. To use your profile as your Bluesky handle, ownership of a .eth name and an existing Bluesky profile are required, with .eth names automatically granting access to profiles.

We are dedicated to improving the user experience on our site by introducing regular updates. Make sure to follow @xyz on social media to hear about the latest updates and enhancements made to the platform. Moreover, we recently had the opportunity to discuss on the weekly ENS Twitter space, shedding light on the exciting developments surrounding the platform.
You can listen to the recording here to gain more insights on the trajectory and the innovative features of

XYZ Registry Domains Report and freshly funded startups using XYZ Domains

XYZ Registry Domains Report
The XYZ Registry Domains Report is your gateway to uncovering the latest trends and highlights in premium sales and aftermarket activity. Each month, you’ll have the opportunity to dive into captivating insights, such as the top SLD keywords in .xyz registrations, noteworthy premium and aftermarket sales, popular TLDs in premium registrations, and much more. Explore compelling testimonials from registrants who’ve achieved remarkable success with premium and aftermarket sales, and gain valuable insight into their motivation for choosing .xyz domains.

We also showcase inspiring success stories of startups within our dynamic .xyz community. The companies listed below have acquired substantial venture capital (VC) backing, indicating a robust financial foundation that supports the transition of innovative ideas from conceptualization to market leadership. These achievements embody the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation that characterize our community. Highlighted below is merely a selection of the remarkable successes we’ve shared:

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XYZ Registry domains connecting the world

All 35 XYZ domain extensions, including the newest addition, .CEO

We continue to celebrate the global embrace of XYZ domains, which have become a canvas for unique projects from all corners of the world. Brands, businesses, and individuals spanning the globe are leveraging the versatility of our portfolio of 35 domain extensions within the XYZ family (including .xyz, .Game, .Quest, and .Lat) to craft their compelling online identities.

Take a glance at some of the inspiring websites we discovered during this quarter:

  • Luxembourg: Michael Riedl, CEO of Team Internet (formerly known as CentralNic) uses MR.CEO as his professional website.
  • China: AI-generated content platform highlights their solutions.
  • Japan: skincare brand Jevie.Skin promotes their collection of products inspired by nature’s biodiversity.
  • United Kingdom: Wedding stylist BeautifulBridal.Hair showcases services, testimonials, and pricing.
  • United Kingdom: Permanent makeup studio Antares.Makeup highlights their makeup services.
  • Texas (United States): Visual effects company Hush.Beauty connects with clients seeking digital beauty work for commercials, music videos, television series, and feature films.
  • Vermont (United States): Game developer and AI programmer Daniel Vanryn chose Vanryn.Quest for his personal website.
  • Argentina: Nonprofit organization Mayma.Lat is focused on fostering a collaborative community of businesses that aim to have a positive social and environmental impact.
  • Netherlands: Ticketing platform Guts.Tickets leverages blockchain technology to help prevent scalping and ticket fraud.
  • Pennsylvania: Husband and wife photography team Loop.Pics promote their photographic services.
  • New York (United States): Designer and fiber artist Tim Kim created his online portfolio on TimKim.LOL.
  • New York (United States): Podcast production studio Gilded.Audio highlights their portfolio, client list, testimonials, and more.
  • Texas (United States): Blockchain social game HighRise.Game promotes an immersive world where you can play, build, and meet new people.
  • United Kingdom: Nutritional counseling platform Vera.Diet promotes the services of registered nutritional therapist Karen Austin.
  • Austria: Guitar shop Bite.Guitars showcases custom basses you can build online.
  • Illinois (United States): Santa platform TalesfromtheChair.Christmas arranges virtual visits from Santa and Mrs. Claus.
  • Moldova: Internet service provider PQ.Hosting promotes their services in over 30 countries.
  • United States: Parenting blog FullyPresent.Mom highlights their focus on “conscious parenting.”
  • South Dakota (United States): Artist Anna Flowers uses Knotty.Flowers to promote crochet classes and custom crochet items.
  • Indonesia: Online platform Cause.Monster facilitates virtual sporting events.
  • France: Baby formula company Vitalae.Baby promotes their focus on infant nutrition.
  • Germany: Heritage race car seller Wonderful.Car promotes their showroom of vintage race cars.
  • Wisconsin (United States): Automobile marketplace Express.Cars highlights their selection of certified used cars available to browse or purchase online.
  • Florida (United States): Car dealer Besa.Autos connects with customers looking for a vehicle in the Jacksonville area.
  • Illinois (United States): Dealership group Watermark.Auto highlights their dealerships in the Southern Illinois/Western Kentucky region.
  • California (United States): Security company Dope.Security highlights their cybersecurity solutions.
  • United States: Storage facility builders Storage Units, LLC chose Investor.Storage to develop their online presence.
  • California (United States): Villa Knolls Apartments uses the VillaKnolls.Rent domain as its online hub for digital floor plans, photo galleries, resident services, and more.
  • United Kingdom: Guildford’s Electric.Theatre promotes their schedule of classes, events and projects.
  • Florida (United States): Florida International College uses FIC.College to share its goal of providing student-centered education designed to support the development of global leadership.
  • United States: Real estate management platform Keyturn.Homes aims to help you find, buy, design, and manage short-term rentals.
  • United States: Gaming platform RacingGames.Motorcycles shares assorted motorcycle-themed racing games.
  • United States: SDBA Top Fuel Hydro racing team Liquid Voodoo uses TopFuel.Boats to promote their racing schedule, showcase their merch, and more.
  • Portugal: Yacht charter company Madeira.Yachts connects local boat owners with customers who are looking for private charter in and around Madeira Island.

XYZ continues support for’s Elliot Silver and the Pan-Mass Challenge

For the last six years, XYZ has sponsored cycling jerseys for Elliot Silver of and his riding partner, John Berryhill, during the Pan-Mass Challenge. This 80-mile charity ride benefits the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, which works to combat cancer and find a cure. This year, Elliot raised $23,500. As highlighted on his blog, Elliot and John have raised over $142,000 for Dana-Farber in the past decade!

XYZ provides domains for participants at 60 hackathons around the world

XYZ extended our support to participants in 60 hackathons, equipping coders with .xyz domains to help fuel their creative ideas in the online landscape. These hackathons were held on a global scale, with some conducted virtually and others spanning diverse locations across the world
Hack The Space hackathon image thanking .xyz
DaVinciCode Cryptic Hunt, Infothon, ATLENT #2.0, Hack4Bengal, TechXcelerate, Bloom Bonanza Summer Competition, THE TECH FLIX, Raptus, Vortex 2023, STEMist Hacks, LaunchHacks 2023 Summer Hackathon, GNEC Hackathon, TechnoZest, Z3NITH, DualHacks, RythmHacks, United Hacks, CloudHacks, Digilogous 9.0, Oasis Hacks, SARVAGYA, STEM Summer Camp, Hack The Space, Katy Youth Hacks Hackathon 2023, Recess Hacks 3.0, LunarCrypt, Empower Hacks, Hack the 6ix, Tech Optimum Hacks SZN 2, Equitable Elevation 1, AI Catalyst Party, Live The Code 2.0, GooseHacks, Hack The Universe, Aviation Hack, Code Wars 2023, Road to Programming, UHackathon 4.0, Ignition Hacks v.4, Medihacks, HYPE – Hack Your Profile, Need For Code 2.0, Boost Hacks, HackOdisha 3.0, Unite Hacks, EmP Hackfest, Equitable Elevation II, Impact Hacks, Hack4Earth, Technovate, TEDxTIET 2023, CTRL Hacks, Genesis 3.0, EcoQuest, International Association of Honored Developers Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Web Accessibility Hackathon, MEC.HACK, EduLearn Hackathon, ELICIT, Geek Tech-Fest’23, Awaiken Hacks 2023

XYZ is committed to empowering emerging coders, helping them showcase their innovative concepts and visions for a global audience on their very own .xyz domains. If you’re interested in organizing a hackathon in collaboration with XYZ to support the next generation of internet trailblazers in shaping the future of technology, contact us today!

As we move into the final quarter of the year, we’re pleased to witness the ongoing growth and progress within the .xyz community. We remain dedicated in our support of the next generation of internet users as they create forward-thinking projects spanning AI, AR/VR, 3D, and blockchain. We celebrate the diverse contributions from all of the artists, creators, makers, business owners, and project leaders who enrich our community with their creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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