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We are happy to announce the long awaited release of premium domains for both .xyz and .College! Did you ever try to register or NewYorkCity.College, but couldn’t? These premium domains will finally be released for public registration later this year.

What is a premium domain?

Premium domains typically have popular search and industry-specific keywords, like or business.College. Due to its value and scarcity, they’re considered “premium” domains and are available to register at a price relative to its value.

Letters and numbers are also popular premium domains. Since there are only 10 numerical characters and 26 letters of the alphabet, some of the most sought after domains are single-letter and single-number domains. Do you remember when was auctioned off? That closed at a whopping $81,000!

When can I register my premium domain name?

We will be releasing them to the public on the dates below – don’t forget to mark your calendars!

  • .College: January 7, 2016
  • .xyz: January 7, 2016

Visit your domain registrar of choice to ask how you can register .xyz and .College premium domains. Which domains are you most excited about? Dare to share by tweeting @xyz or @College!

Team XYZ Note: this post has been updated on December 1 for accuracy


With so many awesome live sites going up everyday, we wanted to celebrate the growing #GenXYZ community by revamping our community showcase page,! This page is a compilation of our favorite .xyz sites from around the world. Can you find your favorites here?


Believe us, picking our favorites was not easy. Since our last update, the #GenXYZ community has boomed with thousands of diverse sites to choose from! In this update, you’ll find all types of sites for startups and businesses, online communities, portfolios, and more.

What is #GenXYZ?

In case you’re just tuning in, #GenXYZ is the global community of innovative .xyz users. Since launching last year, we’ve seen #GenXYZ build incredible sites, show off their personal .xyz email addresses, and even incorporate their domains into their social media handles.

It motivates us every day seeing all the unique ways internet users are growing their online presence. This hub is our way to highlight the awesome .xyz sites that have inspired us to continue to operate the domain for every website, everywhere. So if you haven’t yet, check out to look through some of our favorite websites.

To have your favorite .xyz website featured, email us at hello [at] or tweet us at @xyz!

This year has been chock-full of conferences – and we love it! Conferences are a great place to meet industry leaders and learn about the newest developments and insights. Just recently, we were in good ol’ Brew City Milwaukee to rep .College at the annual HighEdWeb conference.

HighEdWeb brings together all types of higher education professionals to explore unique web issues that colleges and universities face. Topics ranged from technology in education all the way to using Snapchat as a marketing tool!

Digital strategy takes the cake

Digital strategy was a hot topic at HighEdWeb. Since a university’s website is typically the first point of contact for prospective students and parents, it wasn’t surprising to learn that 78% of seniors said websites make a difference in how they view a university!

To capture the attention of these students in this digital age, HighEdWeb sessions focused on website redesign strategies, like having a cohesive message across all schools, utilizing video content, and analyzing web traffic. Revamping a school’s website and digital presence is a great way to engage with students, alumni, and the communities around them. Has your school gone through a rebranding recently?

What’s next for us?

We’re off on a Eurotrip to meet our business partners at the ICANN Conference in Dublin, and will be zipping back to the states for one of the biggest ed tech conferences in the nation. We have some special goodies for this one, so make sure to check back to find out what they are!

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Just yesterday, .College domains were released globally. You heard right – now any business, organization, or individual can register their own .College domain. It’s only the second day of general availability and .College domains have been flying off the shelves! We’re seeing great keyword domains getting snagged left and right:

  • WebDesign.College
  • ComputerScience.College
  • Drama.College
  • DogTraining.College
  • Cosplay.College
  • Automotive.College
  • Biotechnology.College
  • Scuba.College
  • SpringBreak.College
  • Robotics.College

How can an individual or business use a .College domain?

Do you consider yourself an excellent chef? How about a domain like CookingTips.College to showcase your recipes or photos of your cooking ventures. Or if you’re an arts and craft fan, you can use DoItYourself.College to build a community of DIY lovers sharing how to’s, best practices, and testimonials for fun projects. 

Brands and businesses can use .College domains, too. With a .College web address, you’ll get immediate recognition as a college-related site or campaign and attract your target market. It’s perfect for recruiting or marketing to college students, or even as an online hub for employee training.

We can’t wait to see what types of innovative uses #GenXYZ will bring to .College. Did I hear someone say SportsHighlights.College?

Tweet us @xyz and let us know how you’re planning on using your .College domain. Don’t forget to follow @College for the latest .College updates, too!

It sure has been a busy September, #GenXYZ. At the exact same time as ICANN’s GDD Summit in LA, the #XYZsquad was also in Beantown for INBOUND, the colossal marketing conference where over 10,000 people traveled from around the world to discuss the future of marketing. The keynote lineup with Seth Godin, Brene Brown, and Aziz Ansari, is telling enough of how INBOUND is the place-to-be for any savvy marketers.

So what was Team XYZ doing at INBOUND? With our trusty domain partner in crime, Rebel, the #XYZsquad hit the streets of Boston and the Convention Center to educate INBOUND’rs on the online marketing opportunities with .xyz and new domains. And a success, it was!

“[W]e felt people really resonated with what we’re doing and how we’re trying to change the domain industry. We loved partnering with XYZ on this event to keep things creative and fun”

  – Rebel

Did you miss out on the excitement of INBOUND? Catch a glimpse into the conference and watch the #XYZsquad in action:

Can you guess where they’ll venture to next? The best way to stay in the loop is to sign up for the XYZ newsletter here!

BIG NEWS, #GenXYZ! .College, our second ever domain is now available to register by anyone. After a six month long university-exclusive registration period where some of the most prestigious educational institutes in the US and UK secured their domains, .College is now open for all.

That puts .Rent and .College in both of their Early Access Periods, which is a special 7 day priority registration period where those early adopters and fast actors have the chance to get the domain names they want at a premium price.

ICANN GDD Summit in Santa Monica

Clearly, the new domains space is growing. Celebrating this growth and collaborating on ways to make the internet an even better place, ICANN (the organization behind the entire internet naming system) hosted its inaugural Global Domains Division Summit earlier this month. Everyone from Team XYZ participated in the Summit, including several members of the #XYZsquad!

The Summit brought together the players in new domains to discuss and jointly improve the industry. With so many of our business partners spread across the globe, it was great to have face-to-face time and show them what Silicon Beach is all about.

Following the Summit – in typical XYZ fashion – we hosted a night to remember for all of the attendees to unwind from the productive week. Curious to catch a glimpse of the XYZ Silicon Beach Party? Check it out in our clip here:



Even though we distracted you with awesome party pics and flips, we know you’re still thinking about how you can get Early Access to your .College and .Rent domains. To learn more, visit and for details.

We’ve been looking deep through the XYZ archives and have found gems of gems that we’re excited to uncover!

#TBT to June 2014

This was the month that .xyz globally launched and we visited our friends at GoDaddy on an epic road trip.


This also marked the debut of the highly coveted, limited-edition .xyz shirt that we simply refer to as the “deep v.”


We couldn’t think of a better way to honor this exclusive deep v with a website of its own:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.01.14 PM

As the team behind the versatile domain for every website, everywhere, we wanted to also express the versatility of the deep v itself. Whether you’re running a meeting, on the go, or out socializing at the club, the deep v is all you need.

This one’s a #TBT because we’ve discontinued the special deep v. But who knows. With the ever increasing demand for these, we just might bring it back.

Where would you sport your .xyz deep v? Tweet us @xyz and let us know!

#GenXYZ, .Rent is now live for trademark holders!

Did you know that real estate contributes to 18% of America’s GDP? Covering such a massive industry, .Rent is the new way to generate leads and close deals in an ever-booming sector.

Now that we’re officially in .Rent’s Sunrise Period, trademark holders can register their exact marks in .Rent. Just like other new domain launches, trademark holders are required to submit a valid SMD file in order to participate.

.Rent is the perfect opportunity for individuals and businesses to list their properties, assets, and services. And it’s not just limited to the real estate industry. If you think about it, you can rent, lease, charter, or hire, just about anything that you own for your business!

I know your entrepreneurial juices are flowing now, #GenXYZ. Trademark holder or not, learn how YOU can register the .Rent domains for your assets at

It’s official! With the launch of .Rent right around the corner (August 3, to be exact), we are excited to announce that is now live! is the official site for all things .Rent, where you can get the most up-to-date news about the new domain for real estate, including timelines, pricing, and FAQs.

How can I use .Rent domains for my assets?

Think about your properties, assets, and services. How are you getting the word out now? Are you paying to list them on a third-party provider? With .Rent, you can directly market each listing on a website that you own. Your .Rent domain is your listing on the internet – the biggest and most universal marketing tool!

Why .Rent domains over traditional listings?

Control the look and name of your listings, collect leads and send newsletters, track visitors and performance, or link to other properties for referral fees. With .Rent, the flexibility is yours so you can tailor your site to meet your business goals.

Just think. Market your assets on domains like:


Where can you register .Rent domains?

If you work with brand agencies such as CSC or MarkMonitor, contact your representative and they’ll set you right up. You can also ask your current domain registrar on how you can secure your .Rent domains.

So now’s the time to expand your marketplace: