Greetings, #GenXYZ! With all the new side projects we’ve got in the works, we thought it was high-time for an update. First off, we’re pleased to announce the new, created specifically for you. Now you can peruse XYZ.COM for our blog, information and media pages AND for fun social stuff.

Speaking of stuff, remember those awesome t-shirts we mentioned in our last blog? Ask and you shall receive. Our brand new store is open and ready for business. Head on over to XYZ.COM/store to purchase your very own .xyz or .College merch. If you’re on the look-out for some free swag, keep an eye on Elliot’s Blog for our upcoming contest. Some very lucky #GenXYZers will be taking home .xyz t-shirts of their choice.

We’re also psyched that .xyz is still dominating the headlines. Our backend registry partner CentralNic had nothing but glowing remarks for .xyz in their latest interview with Directors Talk. In fact, CentralNic CEO Ben Crawford even refers to us as the next .com. That’s high praise. Check out the Q&A here.

But that’s not all! Some new press with our Founder and fearless leader Daniel Negari are scheduled to be released in the next few days, including a juicy video interview on DomainSherpa. Stay tuned for more updates.

That’s it for now, folks. Once you’re done checking out the latest and greatest in .xyz news, drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and let us know what you think!

Good morning, #GenXYZ. As you might have guessed, we have some exciting news to share. As you know, .xyz is an international domain extension. #GenXYZ itself encompasses all different countries and cultures! That’s why we’re translating our website into different languages, to make sure we include everyone in the XYZ movement. With that in mind, we’d like to say a hearty Guten Tag to our German readers across the pond! That’s right, XYZ.COM is now available in German. Visit XYZ.COM/de or click DE on the top right corner of the homepage for a full translation of the site. Serh erfreut, Germany. Tell your friends!

Happy hump day, #GenXYZ. We’re happy to announce that XYZ Founder Daniel Negari and leading domain auction company NameJet have just struck a deal to bring .xyz to the masses. So what does this mean exactly? will be auctioning .xyz domain names in early 2014 during our Sunrise and Landrush phases. For more about .xyz’s 2014 release, check out our Timeline on the XYZ.COM website.

Make sure you sign up for our newsletters and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out the exact dates of the auction. Hungry for more news? Read the full NameJet press release on our Media page.

Hello again, #GenXYZ. As the summer winds down and a new season kicks into gear, we thought we’d update you on what’s new with Team XYZ.

Hot Off the Press
In the past few weeks, we’ve had some great opportunities to spread the word about .xyz. Our fearless leader, Daniel Negari, has been meeting with a few hot domain publications and giving them the 411. If you have any lingering questions about who we are and what we’re about, you should definitely take a look at some of the interviews. We also have several more lined up in the next few weeks, so make sure to check back for new stories. Head over to our Press page for links.

.xyz Swag
What’s an exciting new extension without a little merch? That’s right, we just received a big order of exclusive .xyz t-shirts at our headquarters. Soon you’ll be able to rep Generation XYZ® with pride in one of our colorful new designs. We’ll let you know when we launch our online store so you can pick one up. T-shirts will be available first, with other items to follow. Learn about our .xyz contests and be the first to win our new swag by following us on all of our social media platforms.

@dotxyz on Instagram
Speaking of social media, you’ve liked us on Facebook, followed us on Twitter, and signed up for our newsletter, right? Now you can also follow us on Instagram! Join us on our daily adventures and get a taste of what life is like behind the scenes at the .xyz HQ. We also want to see what you’re up to, so don’t forget to tag @dotxyz and #GenXYZ in your Insta-photos.

Good news, Generation XYZ®. ICANN approved .xyz’s initial evaluation as one of the latest new top level domain extensions on Friday, August 9th. You can read the full press release here. What does that mean? In short, it means we are right on track to launch .xyz next year. Don’t worry, we’ve got more than a few tricks up our sleeve to keep you busy until then!

Team XYZ has been working behind the scenes lately on some fun new surprises for our fans. That’s why we’re happy to announce that users can now watch .xyz on their favorite registrar’s website and be the first to know when their domains of choice will be available. Explore the full list by heading over to On most of the registrar site, such as, you can find .xyz in the “generic” category or by doing an extension search.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates. You can also learn more about our other exciting new project, .College, here.