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Today marks a very special day – a day that is known worldwide as a celebration of all things Star Wars and has adopted the well-known term, “May the 4th be with you.” There’s no argument that Star Wars has amassed one of the largest followings in movie history. With Star Wars’ heavy focus on futuristic technological advancements, we thought what better #WW to highlight this week than one that is lightyears ahead with it’s industry innovation:

Based out of Vancouver, is a new business unit of the decade-old mobile positioning technology company Rx Networks Inc. Fathom was designed to solve the challenges that the entire IoT industry faces with beacon deployment. With its proximity management solution, Fathom will free you from the headaches of manually monitoring your beacon infrastructure so you can maximize your beacon investment. It’s no surprise Fathom was recently shortlisted to win the award for the “Most Promising Pre-Commercial Technology” in the upcoming 2016 Technology Impact Awards.

Fathom consists of two main functions: the Fathom Hub, designed to discover and locate itself and any beacon or Bluetooth device in its vicinity. The Hub provides data on average visit time, unique visits and traffic patterns. The Fathom API analyzes that data and integrates with a multitude of software applications so your company can make the most of that information. These insights are useful for a variety of industries. An example of which is retail stores: by tracking what aisles get more traffic, stores can analyze product offerings and provide improved customer service.  Another great use is in the healthcare industry, where Fathom can help hospitals save millions of dollars and lives by easily locating and tracking their equipment and staff.

Think of it as a mix between R2-D2 and C-3PO, where R2-D2 could store and manage complex data and C-3PO could help translate the data. is truly redefining the future of technology and communication, and similar to .xyz, connecting these systems with individuals to create the next revolution of interaction. Oh, and today also marks the launch of a great sale with Namecheap in honor of Star Wars Day! Don’t space out on this deal!

At XYZ, we are rooted in connecting people across the world and wanted to take the time to observe one of the biggest celebratory weeks in Japan – Golden Week. Golden Week is a seven day celebration of four national holidays – Showa Day (the birthday of former Emperor Showa), Constitution Day (honoring the present Constitution of Japan), Greenery Day (a day dedicated to the environment and nature), and Children’s Day (a day where families pray for the health and future success of their children).

As the most popular new domain extension in Japan, we wanted to draw attention to some of the great use cases we’ve seen from Japanese businesses and individuals, in honor of Golden Week: Onamae customer (Japan) is a fashion eCommerce site that sells everything from shirts, pants, and shoes to soaps, custom made bags, accessories, gadgets and more. With countless options, it’s the perfect site to check out gifts for friends and family or if you’re looking for a stylish t-shirt for yourself. By using .xyz, That Store has been able to create global brand recognition through uniformity in their social media handles: and


Jagzzi.xyzOnamae customer (Japan) is an online fashion and lifestyle magazine run by university students in Tokyo. They first launched their site as, but went international when they switched over to Not only does the site rank first for the term “Jagzzi” in Japan’s Google (, but it also ranks first in Google across the globe, despite the fact that the site’s content is entirely in Japanese. Don’t believe us? Try searching for “Jagzzi” on This is a great example of how .xyz is a launching ground for businesses to expand their brand internationally.

jagzzi search

Kisaburo.xyzOnamae customer (Japan) was started by an individual who wanted to break down the boundaries between Japanese and Western fashion, as well as men’s and women’s clothing, by focusing on a new era of kimono designs and collections., the official website for Kisaburo’s fashion line, is another great example of a next generation internet user innovating with his


BONUS: GPS.rentOnamae customer (Japan) is a real-time GPS tracking service that offers transmitters/devices for rent for use in your car, bike, mobile device, personal computer…anything really. As the new web address for, there is a clear reason why this business chose to use a short and memorable domain name such as it’s industry-specific, international, and the domain doubles as a call-to-action.

These are just a few of the many diverse use cases we’ve seen in Japan recently. We look forward to celebrating your .xyz with you beyond Golden Week as we continue to grow and connect audiences everywhere. What are you celebrating this month? Tweet us @xyz and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on all things .xyz.

ACTIVATR.xyz123-reg customer (Germany)

With Spring comes new beginnings and new opportunities: It’s a time that calls for change, as we look past the hardships and prepare for a brighter future. With the recent and unexpected passing of the legendary artist Prince, we can’t help but look back and appreciate his vision and the impact he has had on so many generations. By successfully carving his own path, Prince opened the door to challenging the status quo and taking risks – much in the same way as entrepreneurs and startups are doing now. And it’s those risks that turn CEO’s into Pioneers. So in honor of Prince (one of our favorite pioneers) we chose a #WebsiteWednesday that is unearthing the potential of those with great ideas and helping them take risks to pave a new road to industry success: is a program that connects entrepreneurs (“startup talents”) with intrapreneurs (“corporate talents”) from well-established companies, creating a breeding ground for innovation while enriching the startup community and driving the development of sustainable new businesses. These two groups are teamed up and given the tools to succeed by progressing through multiple exercises with the guidance and support of mentors and industry professionals. At the end of each “phase,” the team must pitch to a group of judges to highlight how their ideas have developed over time.

The three ACTIVATR phases are: the Ideation Lab, where the team develops their vision; the Discovery Lab, where the team evolves their business model; and the Corporate Campus, where the business is developed and competes in the market. Think of it as the lifecycle stages of a flower: a seed is planted, it starts to germinate, and then it grows into it’s final product while still affected by external (and internal) factors.

Nobody can deny that without Prince, the world would be a much less interesting place. We would argue that is doing the same thing by giving others the opportunity to enrich their ecosystem while helping them maximize their expertise. We’re happy to see that ACTIVATR shares our drive for exploration and connection among like-minded talents to help sculpt future generations of pioneers. Well done, ACTIVATR, we dig it.

Milk.xyzUnited Domains customer (United States)

There’s no shortage of things buzzing this spring: fashion trends, music happenings, tech innovations, and world events. As the temperature continues to rise, so does our thirst for new content and all things pop culture. We’re an “always-on” generation and the need for new and unique material has never been greater (and more fragmented). This week’s #WebsiteWednesday is here to quench your newsworthy cravings all in one spot at

Previously, Milk recently upgraded their domain to the universally-friendly for their online editorial platform, built to showcase the most innovative talent in fashion, music, art and film. It is a hub for nurturing creativity, highlighting some of the most visionary leaders and brands in the world today. Milk’s comprehensive content will keep you abreast of everything trending from fashion, beauty, and art, to music, tech, and world news – with an innovative edge. Their website covers the full spectrum of contemporary culture and allows you to experience the traditional while embracing the unknown.

Maybe you’re headed to weekend 2 of Coachella and want the inside scoop on who to see, where to go, and what to wear; or perhaps you’re one of those people that can’t get enough of new tech trends like self-lacing sneakers (remember those from Back to the Future)? Either way, Milk covers the X, Y, and Z of pop culture and can fit into anyone’s breakfast routine. As the staple ingredient fueling your content consumption needs, you can now add Milk to your morning without the trip to the grocery store. has no expiration date and delivers fresh content daily. Just like .xyz, it appeals to the masses and pushes the boundaries to explore what’s out there, while creating a platform that breeds an ultra-culturalized world. (United States)

Thousands of music fans will unite this weekend at the 17th Annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. More than just music, this festival is a meeting grounds for lovers of art and culture looking to connect and discover. So what do musicians, artists, and the #GenXYZ community all have in common? Passion and aspirations! This brings us to our #WebsiteWednesday of the week: is a platform dedicated to music discovery with a focus on independent art and urban culture. features articles/interviews and highlights fresh tracks and videos from new artists and notable industry players. Emerging artists themselves, knowing firsthand the thirst to be discovered, the team behind DreamrXYZ is innovating to make content more accessible to others. They are continuing to amp up their site with the latest mixed media art techniques and short films, so stay tuned! will really be turning up the volume this spring when they release their new video streaming app, bringing the stage to your screen. The app is designed for music fans to easily discover unique music videos replete with your favorite artists, directors, and ready-made playlists to jam out to on your upcoming road trip to the Governor’s Ball. Think of it as your lifetime pass to every musical festival and more, without the lines. DreamrXYZ has established their brand across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook marking a clear and recognizable name for themselves.

Music is the universal language that every generation can speak. Just like .xyz, music has no barriers and brings together communities across the globe. DreamrXYZ recognizes the transcendence of music and found a way to make it easier for you to discover your next favorite song. How do you like the sound of that? 

Maybe.xyz123-reg customer (Ireland)

Spring has sprung, #GenXYZ! The weather is getting warmer and it’s time to stash away those winter coats and jump into shorts, tanks, and sundresses. With all of the spring fashion trends, a new wardrobe is on everybody’s list. From denim to stripes, to bold jewelry and sandals – even the most seasoned shopper has trouble deciding. Isn’t that when you turn to your friends? Now you can have all your trusted comrades in your back pocket whenever you go shopping with our #WebsiteWednesday of the week:


These days there are a ton of places to store those shopping indecisions. We’ve all experienced the frustration of looking through old bookmarked sites, wishlists, likes, etc. Maybe* makes keeping track of your favorite items as easy as unlocking an iPhone. You can save images, links, and descriptions – from both online and offline sources – and organize them however you want, in one seamless interface.

Where Maybe* really changes the game is with their interactive and connected shopping experience. They’ve built a comprehensive platform that enables you to outsource those tough shopping decisions to your friends and family. You can ask questions, get feedback, and have real-time conversation, all of which enable you to feel confident about your final decision.

If you want to make your life and purchasing decisions easier, then using is a no-brainer. Maybe* creates a more connected shopping experience, and .xyz is all about connecting the dot(s) with something memorable and bringing people together to share their passions. (United States)

It’s an exciting time in the world of sports! College Basketball is down to the Final 4 and we’re all eager to see who will duke it out for the championship. However, sometimes what athletes are wearing is even bigger news than the game itself – who remembers #CamNewtonsCleats or #SoleWatch during the NBA All Star-Weekend? These players are the driving force behind a billion dollar apparel industry and fuel the growing “Sneakerhead” community. This brings us to our #WebsiteWednesday this week:

throne is a peer-to-peer marketplace that creates a centralized commerce experience for sneaker and streetwear enthusiasts. With over 300,000 users and over a million dollars worth of merchandise, their site and mobile app facilitates buying, selling, news, and discovery of the latest trends. has also launched a daily editorial, creating a platform that ties commerce to original content. Users can easily stay up-to-date on fashion, tech and lifestyle trends.With the rising popularity of sneakers and streetwear in today’s pop culture, there is high demand for a solution to the many challenges buyers in this industry face. With their comprehensive, modern user experience, it’s no surprise’s mobile app has been ranked among the Top 50 sports-related apps. Plus, they’ve made themselves extremely easy to find by creating a consistent, branded username across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: THRONExyz.

“The buying, the selling, and the discovery are centralizing the community that currently is really fragmented across all these different channels and mediums. When we centralize it, it allows for it to be a more fulfilling experience for the users because they can discover new content, new designers, new accessories and things that complement the sneaker and the streetwear that they’re already own,” – Emeka Anan, Founder of is yet another great example of a .xyz website at the heart of innovation and creativity, bringing together a community of tastemakers….one pair of kicks at a time.

SXSW is one of the annual hubs for creativity and innovation. This year, the #XYZsquad wanted to do something special to showcase some of the amazing projects we’ve seen from #GenXYZ. Thus sparked the creation of the XYZ 3D Lab!


With the custom made XYZ 3D shades (courtesy of the #XYZsquad), visitors can dive into our groundbreaking, three dimensional universe and take part in a challenge based on some of our favorite #WebsiteWednesdays. Using the hidden clues throughout the page, contestants can enter for a chance to win free prizes. Plus, how often do you get to enjoy an epic 3D experience without having to go to the IMAX theatre?

Does the concept of a 3D website sound familiar? That’s probably because you may have stumbled upon our corporate site,, in the past. After receiving so much positive feedback about the 3D XYZ logo and web design, we decided to go all out. And we didn’t stop at just the 3D Lab – check out our new 3D signage!


Electrifying 3D universe of innovative .xyz websites? Sounds like the place to be! But don’t take our word for it – check out the 3D lab for yourself at and let us know what you think.

Didn’t get a pair of 3D glasses but still want to win great prizes? Once you sign up for the 3D Lab, share this article on Twitter and tag us (@XYZ) and we’ll get back to you on how you can score your 3D shades.

Stay tuned for next week’s recap of all the shenanigans our #XYZsquad got into at SXSW2016!

Exponentials.xyzGoDaddy customer (Canada)

Happy Wednesday #GenXYZ! With the excitement of ICANN 55 in Marrakech, World Hosting Days in Germany, and the big plans we have in store for SXSW, we wanted our #WebsiteWednesday this week to be BIG. And what’s bigger than a member of the “Big Four?” That’s right – one of the largest international professional services networks in the world is behind this week’s #WebsiteWednesday:


Brought to you by Deloitte, is a hub for technology trends and news so that leaders can learn about exponential technologies and apply them to the world’s biggest challenges. Their site features content about artificial intelligence, robotics, cyber security, and advanced computing, among other cutting-edge topics. These fast-paced exponential technologies fuel innovation and can have significant impacts on businesses, industries, and even the global population.

How do tech trends make the cut for Exponentials are innovations that are accelerating faster than the pace of Moore’s law. In other words, these are technologies whose performances double every 12 to 18 months, relative to their cost and size. This kind of advancement has been observed in tech like brain image resolution, drone sensors, and autonomous cars, to name a few. Disruptive organizations such as Airbnb and Uber also take advantage of these kinds of advancements to scale organizational structure to exponentially increase their margins.

To sum it all up, inspires organizations and their leaders to drive innovation with the most cutting-edge technology. Instead of rejecting exponentials or denying their impact, embraces the opportunities they present to reposition and grow within an industry. According to Salim Ismail, coauthor of Exponential Organizations, “either you are the disruptor or you’re the disrupted.” Deloitte is making sure they do their best to be the disruptor with their .xyz website,

Rise.xyzGoDaddy customer (United States)

Happy March, #GenXYZ! We have been seeing so many innovative and creative uses of .xyz websites that it was almost impossible to pick just one! With .xyz becoming the go-to domain extension for startups to launch their new initiatives, we decided to feature a business that recently rebranded using their new .xyz domain: (previously

rise.xyz1 provides businesses with the tools to foster a culture of happiness and success in the workplace. They streamline HR software that manages your payroll, scheduling, time off, and benefits, and integrates with a range of tools to help you build a world class culture, all connected through one central hub. With their user-friendly and modern interface, makes employee engagement simple by allowing you to create a culture of collective happiness and empowerment. When discussing what inspired this new idea in an age-old industry, the CEO of stated:

“We wanted to reimagine the space of workforce management. In a mature industry, there’s not really a lot of room for some crazy ideas. People have been doing payroll since the days of the abacus. It’s really been more about looking at the industry through a different lens than it’s been looked at to date.” – Wissam Abdulla, CEO and Founder of


Why did they choose to rebrand to According to their website, Rise felt,“the first step in breaking the chains of human resources is discarding outdated language and using a modern lexicon to declare new possibilities.” appeals to the forward-thinking companies of today and the leading companies of tomorrow, and they believe that “people and culture will rise” in the place of antiquated HR software and resources.

Your team’s ability to collaborate amongst all levels and departments is paramount to achieving success, and the technology introduced by makes it easy for any business to incorporate those principles of employee empowerment. So whether your business is brand new or has been around for decades, let help you foster the next generation of workplace environments with the X, Y and Z’s of HR practices.