When you’re unsure which domain to register, the most common advice you’re likely to hear is to always register your name. But what do you do with your site once you’ve gotten it? This week’s #WebsiteWednesday will show you three unique ways #GenXYZ members and Hover customers are using their name on a .xyz.

DavidOBrien.xyzTucows customer


Tech entrepreneur and digital product developer, David, uses his site to give an overview of his professional experience, with a look into his personal life via his blog. He is also the founder of, an independent music only website, which will fully launch in Summer of 2017. David’s domain is perfect as a virtual resume and as an online portal through which his audience can connect with him.

NickGutierrez.xyzTucows customer


Nick Gutierrez, or as his students know him, Mr. G, is a teacher at the Chicago Tech Academy, who uses his personal .xyz site as a resource for his students as a virtual learning center, and to stay in touch with him outside the classroom. Nick provides resources for his classes on his site, and also highlights some of his favorite projects submitted by past students. In the age of technology, Nick’s is a great way for him to stay in touch with his students using his .xyz domain.

Ando.xyzTucows customer


Ando Shah secured an awesome four letter .xyz domain, his first name, as his domain. is a highly coveted piece of online real estate for showcasing Ando’s past work experience and major creative projects he has worked on. Ando’s passion for 360° film is evident on his site, and he even showcases his work as co-director of the 360° short film JetLag, which was an official selection at Cannes Film Festival 2016 and won Best Live Action Film at Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival 2016.

“I build things across a variety of verticals, from Virtual Reality to Conservation… has become the platform on which I tie all of it together. When I first sought out a domain for my name, .xyz really appealed to me, and after Alphabet (parent company of Google) launched on, it put .xyz on the map!.” – Ando Shah, creator of

The only limit to the potential of your personal website is the creativity and passion of its creator. These three .xyz adopters show exactly how imaginative the #GenXYZ community is with their sites. Do you have,, or registered yet? If you don’t, now is a great time, as our friends at Hover are having a sale on .xyz domains for just $4.99. The sale ends this Friday, so hurry over now to save 58% on the world’s most popular new domain!

If you were at SXSW in Austin this month, chances are you saw the #XYZsquad running around the city parkouring, breakdancing, and taking pictures with thousands of attendees. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone at SXSW who didn’t come across the #XYZsquad.


You probably also saw our infamous 3D glasses in the crowds, with people checking out the XYZ 3D Lab on their phones. In fact, the #XYZsquad was such a hit that they were covered by Fox 7 Austin, Spectrum Reach’s Kernel, the official SXSW and Bravo Network Snapchat stories, and we even ran into Tyler Ward, who was covering SXSW for Comcast Xfinity! Our marketing initiatives ensured that everyone was learning about Generation XYZ. Many attendees remembered the #XYZsquad from previous years, especially from when they led the SXSW Parade.


That’s not all, though! The #XYZsquad was also the highlight of our Scavenger Hunt, where attendees could post pictures with them for a chance to win some great prizes, including Samsung VR headsets, a Millennium Falcon drone, or the brand new Nintendo Switch! ICYMI, the winners were announced last week, so be sure to check out our Twitter for a full list of winners.


We also had the pleasure of running into several members of #GenXYZ, including Ottia was at SXSW’s Tech Startup Spotlight showing off the prototype for their incredible all-in-one modular maker machine, which can 3D print, cut wood, and even frost a cake – all at an affordable price point! Keep an eye out for more on Ottia, including an exclusive video interview, coming soon.

With another SXSW in the books and the team back home, we have already begun planning the next event – HostingCon in Los Angeles. 2017 was our biggest SXSW yet, but that doesn’t mean that next year won’t be even better! Make sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on where XYZ is headed to next.

Welcome to XYZ’s China Blog Series, dedicated to our loyal supporters in China. Read this post in Chinese on our new Chinese Blog.

When you think of the #XYZsquad, you probably picture them drawing huge crowds at events like SXSW in Austin with their signature style. This past weekend, however, they took a break from their well known street performing to run 42 km in the Wuxi Marathon and spread the word about .xyz in Wuxi, China.


The marathon featured 30,000 runners and attracted over 170,000 spectators, who came from around the world to see the event. This isn’t the #XYZsquad’s first time generating buzz about .xyz in China, though, as they previously provided entertainment at World Hosting Days in Beijing, where our CEO Daniel Negari was a keynote speaker, a featured member on the roundtable discussion panel, and was interviewed by newg.TV.


Running a 42 km is no easy feat, but the #XYZsquad was ready to push through the pain. Here is what one member said after the marathon:

“Every marathon that I have participated in has felt different from the others, but running this marthon for .xyz felt especially different. It’s a challenge to run while also letting as many people as possible know about .xyz, but the XYZsquad suit is very eye-catching so people cheered and applauded any time they saw me. Because this run was especially difficult, I found it to be a fun challenge. And above all, it was well worth doing it to support .xyz.” Li Shubiao, marathon runner and .xyz supporter.


Events like the Wuxi Marathon and World Hosting Days are just a taste of things to come as we gear up to get the next generation of internet users in China online with their own .xyz domains. Stay tuned to see where the #XYZsquad will pop up next!

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Spring has officially arrived and Team XYZ is excited to host this month’s SoCal Tech Meetup! This is the third time we are hosting an event like this, and we are expanding it further this year to include not only people from the domain industry, but also cybersecurity professionals and anyone else with a passion for technology.

If you haven’t seen the XYZ office in Santa Monica before, it’s the building with the awesome mural by Shepard Fairey and Risk . You can’t miss us!


SoCal Tech + Domainers + Cybersecurity Professionals Meetup

Thursday, March 30th | 6:30 pm

XYZ Santa Monica

2800 Olympic Blvd

Santa Monica, CA 90404

RSVP here

If you happen to be in the area, stop by for a night of food, drinks, entertainment, and most importantly – great conversations. Be sure to RSVP and reserve your spot for the night!

The #XYZsquad joins the XYZ Team in Austin today for our biggest SXSW yet. Last year, these purple people were breakdancing and parkouring all over Austin to make our XYZ 3D glasses the fashion hit of the week.

This year, we’re not only passing out 3D glasses, but we’re also raffling off the latest and greatest by Samsung VR, Nintendo, and Star Wars in our XYZ Scavenger Hunt. It’s free to enter, and all you need to do is find any of our countless purple people hanging out in Downtown Austin!


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