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Food delivery has become a staple of the new normal. Thanks to autonomous delivery robots like the ones from, customers in select U.S. college campuses and European Union countries can get their groceries and food delivered without having to worry about interacting with a person at all. Thanks to their popularity and helpfulness, these self-driving delivery robots are starting to make their way into new markets. Customers looking to safely order food and other goods in China while isolating can try this service for themselves with this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, is a Beijing-based tech company that builds and produces the first and only team of self-driving delivery vehicles in China. The team says they use a mix of advanced technologies, hardware research and development, and a customer-focused business operations strategy to create the delivery robots. The company’s goal is to compete with other unmanned delivery vehicles already in use in other countries.

The design of’s vehicle is an important part of their business model. highlights the compact and “cute” design of their robots as a key step in getting customers to use them to make purchases. also points out that each vehicle is lightweight, compact, and built to be self-sufficient. The company claims each robot can cover a distance of up to 1 kilometer on its own, while also scaling curbs and navigating crowded public squares. programs each vehicle to complete sales to customers independently by circulating along a set route and solicits customers while it roams. Customers can purchase products from the vehicle and pay with it as well.

Getting around the outside world is a primary challenge for delivery robots. To pass this test, builds each vehicle with slip-free tires. Their website explains the goal of this design is to prepare the robots to cruise down flat roads while also being ready to transition to climbing up steps, slopes, and other tough terrain. says the shell of each vehicle can withstand rain and other bad weather, as well. Their site also features a video showing that each vehicle has a “self-driving brain” which contains its anti-collision safety devices and environment recognition tools.’s CEO, Lin Peisen, founded the company after accumulating years of technology and operations experience. He has specific interests in artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and seeing the future of the “unmanned economy,” and the robots are at the intersection of all three. Lin’s intention for is to create a new retail system that uses technological innovation to solve the cost problems of the current retail industry.

The company has continued to grow since its recent launch in 2018, and Lin says they have secured more than 300 orders for their robots already. He expects the company to deploy more than 1,000 of its machines in 2020. has also worked with fast-moving Chinese consumer brands like Nongfu Spring and Master Kong, and launched logistics platforms in Japan and South Korea in the hope of future expansion into these markets.

The next great ideas in tech come from creative minds putting their passion toward solving common problems. has big plans to establish themselves as a market leader while keeping their focus on making retail faster and easier. Do you have a solution you’ve been dreaming of turning into your next startup? Bring it to life by putting it online with your own .xyz domain!

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A personal website is one of the best ways to share your work with others. There’s no shortage of .xyz end users who know the power of a personal portfolio, like,, and to name a few. This week we’re taking a look at another accomplished creator who uses his personal site to document his years as a celebrated photojournalist and writer, is the personal online portfolio of travel photographer and author Tom Downs. In his career, Tom has photographed and explored some of the most festive cities in the U.S., and he shares those experiences on his personal website. In his photography projects, Tom captures beautiful cityscapes and their vibrant cultures. Among Tom’s more notable works in this arena is Walking San Francisco, a photo book guide to the city’s famous streets, grand hotels, and waterfront parks.

Another milestone of Tom’s career is his award-winning edition of the Lonely Planet guide series which focuses on New Orleans: Lonely Planet Road Trip, Blues BBQ. In the book, Tom gives readers tips on where to find the best BBQ in the city and how to have a great time by going off the beaten path. The book shows Tom’s cultural knowledge and knack for finding countless ways to have a good time in a great city. It’s also one of the works that displays both his writing and photography ability. The book has a 10 page, full-color foldout map that pinpoints where to find the best food, take in the city’s history, and dance the night away to the classic Delta blues.

“I wanted to create a personal website to showcase my work. Primarily it presents a selection of photos and images taken for publication, or for personal reasons, in color and black and white, on traditional film and digitally. I also include links to published writing. It is very handy to have material up online that I can refer people to.

For me, one of the advantages of the .xyz address is that my name was available, so I have a very straightforward URL that requires no explanation. What comes before the dot matters more than what comes after.”
– Tom Downs, creator of

Tom also uses his site to share his books and articles on “cityscapes, booze, juke joints, and history.” In his writings, Tom has explored topics ranging from airport design to animated films. He writes articles with a personal touch, which helps to put the reader in his shoes and adds a unique emotional element. Sometimes, this takes the form of a story, like his article about taking a walk through San Francisco’s Mission District with a local mural expert. Other times, he shares articles about experiencing a city in a personal way, like his article about reflecting on life while crossing the Golden Gate bridge.

On his .xyz website, Tom lists many reputable publications as outlets who have featured his work, like National Geographic Traveler and the New York Times. He also took the photograph that appears on the cover of The Rough Guide to Gospel Music, an installment in the popular Rough Guides series. Tom’s work in his home city of San Francisco is so well-liked he was chosen by the San Francisco Chronicle to be featured in their On the Town series. In his feature, Tom shares his favorite spots to eat, relax, and get lost in the culture and beauty of San Francisco.

Tom’s successful career as both a writer and a photographer is easy to see when visiting his personal website. Collecting his works in one place online makes it easy for him to share them with friends and future collaborators alike. If you want a place to share your work with potential employers and connections online, follow Tom’s lead and launch your own portfolio site with a domain.

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A strong online presence can be a vital part of landing your dream job. With most employers researching a job applicant online before interviewing them, a well-made personal website can be the defining factor that makes you stand out from the rest. So what are the necessary components that create an effective personal website? This #WebsiteWednesday will break down the website of someone who we think totally nails it: is the personal website of Mumbai-based business professional Advait Ubhayakar. With master’s degrees in both Communication Management and Creative Writing, Advait has a unique skill set that he uses to craft what he calls “human-centric strategies and stories.” By doing so, he’s able to create new campaigns, publications, and training assets that deliver measurable results for organizations. Over the past ten years, he’s worked with global corporations, growing start-ups, non-profits, universities, and publishers.

“Within a month of going live, it got me an interview for my first full-time copy-writing job for an ad agency in the U.S.,” says Advait, “And in the three years since then, it continues to bring me exciting new opportunities to work on creative writing projects from around the world.”

It’s no surprise that Advait has been able to masterfully tell his own story with the design and layout of These eight key factors make a standout personal website.

  1. Use a short and catchy domain name
  2. Your domain name is the first factor of your website that a potential client or employer sees and evaluates. You will want to make sure that it’s something professional and easy to type in. Advait created a short and catchy domain name by registering his first name only. A memorable domain ending like .xyz also brands his website as an industry leader and helps him to stand out to a global audience.

    Advait chose a domain name that communicates his range of capabilities. He explains, “The .xyz domain gave me an innovative URL that showed (1) The ‘a to z’ range of my work, and (2) My willingness to go beyond the ‘.com’ (commercial) mode to explore other collaborations (non-profit, teaching and other kinds of projects).”

  3. Use an eye-catching image or illustration
  4. The homepage of serves as a powerful landing page for his background and experience. At the top of the page, a large ampersand symbolizes his dual master’s degrees. This element adds a personal touch to the page, making the overall website more memorable and unique.

  5. Put your elevator pitch front and center
  6. Advait’s “elevator pitch” is then stated under the graphic. An elevator pitch is the one sentence that describes what he has to offer. The viewer comes away with this key information after only a few seconds on his website.

  7. Add credibility to your work experience with logos
  8. Below the elevator pitch, Advait professionally shares his past work experience. Instead of simply listing his past positions in text, he catches your attention by making a scrolling gallery of the logos of the companies, non-profit organizations, and universities that he’s worked for.

  9. Add interest to your skills with icons
  10. Next up is another well-designed section: My Skill Set. Each of his many skills are cleverly showcased with a matching icon. For example, “Storytelling” includes a symbol of a person, while “Strategy” is next to a dollar sign. These visual elements add further context to each skill and break up the text so it’s easier to read.

  11. Categorize your portfolio
  12. One of the last sections is Advait’s Work Portfolio. His past projects are organized into categories like Apps, Campaigns, and Videos, so that the viewer is able to easily switch between various examples of his work. This not only makes for easy navigation, but draws attention to the many types of projects he has experience in.

  13. Add social proof with personal quotes
  14. The bottom of the homepage displays positive quotes from Advait’s past clients, colleagues, bosses, and students. These personal reviews add a sense of trustworthiness to Advait’s background.

  15. End with a call to action
  16. After the viewer has had a chance to learn about him, Advait clearly states his main call to action with a button, “Email Me”. This makes it easy for a potential client to get in touch with him and possibly use his services.

These eight key factors showcase Advait’s background in a very compelling way to potential clients and employers. Head to to learn more about Advait and see his stellar personal website for yourself. Do you have a personal website of your own? Head to to register yours today! customer (United States)

Your resume is sometimes the only chance you have to present your entire set of skills, professional and personal, to a potential employer. If you want to get the interview, you need to stand out from others with similar experience. If you want to be considered for the job, you need to make a memorable impression. You need to convince your potential new employer that they NEED to have you, and one of the strongest ways that you can do that is to show them who you are. That’s exactly what the creator of this week’s #WebsiteWednesday has done with his resume website: is the personal website of Chandler Griffin, a Computer Science student studying at the University of Florida. His site works as a digital resume, allowing him to list his work experience, career goals, extracurricular activities, and more, in a simple and easy-to-read format.

The layout of is visually clean and direct in its focus. Chandler creates an easy user experience for his website by utilizing a one-page design. One-page sites are simple to navigate on both desktop and mobile, and reading Chandler’s site on your phone can feel as if you are holding his resume in your hands. At the top of his homepage, Chandler shares a short but informative bio on who he is, what he’s done, and what his career goals are. He gives potential employers quick access to important contact methods by linking to a PDF of his resume, his email, and his LinkedIn and Github pages. Chandler also gives his resume a personal touch by adding his professional profile photo on the main homepage.

Well placed calls to action are essential to directing your website viewers to the information you want to show them. Chandler’s site uses an eye-catching animated call to action with bouncing text at the bottom of the first section, inviting visitors to scroll down and read further about his full work history.

In this next section, Chandler shares his past work experience and projects along with a helpful introduction that lists the skills he uses most. Clicking on icons for each of Chandler’s past jobs and organizations gives potential employers a full picture of his experience. This includes helping Disney Parks in Orlando build a software release tool, improving communication processes for verification systems used by American Express, and optimizing small freight operations at Home Depot by using statistically sound processes.

Chandler also shows site visitors the personal projects that round out his impressive resume, including serving as the lead organizer of Florida’s largest hackathon, SwampHacks, and Director of Marketing and Public Relations for his university’s First Time Programmers organization. These positions not only show Chandler’s well-rounded skill set but also lend insight into his personality and his passion for the coding community. Lastly, Chander shares the projects he’s worked on outside of his professional experience, which includes building a Solitaire game and a two-player tile-placement game called TigerIsland.

To add the final personal touch and give a full picture of himself to potential employers, Chandler rounds out his exceptional resume site with a short section about his personal interests. These show his relevant extracurricular activities, such as healthy outdoors activities like hiking and kayaking, and community leadership, such as serving as a teaching assistant for CodePath and as Director of the Engineering Leadership Forum during Engineers Week. Chandler’s site paints a complete picture of him, which is more than can be conveyed in a single page resume. Potential employers can feel almost as if they have met him personally.

Just like Chandler, you too have a unique personality and set of skills that set you apart and make you who you are. What better way to share that with potential new partners, employers, and the world as a whole than on your own personal resume site? Grab your site and build a page that could introduce you to your next great opportunity!

JakePrice.xyzeNom / Open SRS customer (United States)

Acclaimed artists and creatives have been choosing to brand their portfolio websites on .xyz domains since the TLD first hit the web in 2014. From award-winning writer, to renowned French street artist, to budding superstar VFX director, individuals at the top of their industries continue to trust in .xyz domains as the best method to broadcast their creations to the world. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday profiles another accomplished artist who chose to showcase his body of work using a personally branded .xyz website:

Jake Price is a filmmaker, action sports videographer, snowboarder, and Pacific Northwest native who has produced many notable creative projects in the action sports and entertainment industries. Much of Jake’s work has been created in partnership with the biggest names in action sports, like Vans, Volcom, ESPN’s X-Games, and MTV’s Nitro Circus.

On, Jake shares his venerable history of film projects via a well-designed catalog of videos, complete with individual pages for each project. Jake employs a minimalist layout on his site, which offers a clean display of his films on the homepage. Jake’s About section gives a perfect snapshot of who he is by using pictures and interviews instead of long blocks of text. Jake also lists household name brands like Vans, The North Face, and Kodak, who have chosen him as an ambassador thanks to his celebrated status within the snowboarding community. For those interested in working with Jake, he’s listed his CV and past awards, and makes it easy to book him for commercial projects via his contact page.


Visitors to the Cinema page of Jake’s site can view his notable work, like Vans’ first ever all-women full-length snowboarding team film, Listen to the Eyes, which Jake directed. The film features Vans’ global snow team riders Hana Beaman and Mary Rand, as well as Snowboarder Magazine and Transworld Magazine Rider of the Year winner Leanne Pelosi.

Listen to the Eyes was shot entirely on 16mm Kodak film at various mountain spots throughout the Pacific Northwest, and is packed with impressive runs, massive airs, and exciting trick combinations. Between these exhilarating action shots, Jake paints a peaceful and inviting picture of the region he calls home, and gives a glimpse of his life on the mountain with 3 pioneering women blazing trails in the snow.

Outside of his work in action sports, Jake has filmed commercial spots and music videos for well-known entertainers and brands as well. He directed, edited, and produced the music video for rapper Buddy’s single Hey Up There featuring Ty Dolla $ign, which was filmed using a vertical frame camera to be played in the Spotify app. He also directed and edited a series of commercial spots for Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza, including one particular commercial which features Nitro Circus creator, MTV personality, and Motocross legend Travis Pastrana. CV

As a veteran and respected name in his field, it’s no surprise Jake has enjoyed being the subject of some impressive press profiles. wrote a feature on Jake and his rise to becoming a snowboarding cinematography luminary, charting his path to success while detailing the history of his personal blog. He’s also been the recipient of numerous features in Transworld Snowboarding Magazine, a staple in the action sports community.

A personal portfolio site can serve many purposes, and is a shining example of this. Professionals in any industry can benefit from building a website with personality that stands out to visitors such as new clients, fans, and recruiters. You can follow Jake on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram to keep up to date on his new projects, or dive into his film catalog on Vimeo and YouTube. If you’re inspired to walk in Jake’s snowy footprints by building your own personal portfolio site, get started by grabbing your own .xyz domain!