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After a busy January, the XYZ Team finally got a chance to catch their breath before hosting an event of our own later this month. However, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t go anywhere in February! Check out our RSA recap and a list of events to look forward to in March.

RSA Conference 2017

The RSA Conference took place in San Francisco last month, and Team XYZ was in attendance representing .Security and .Protection domains. RSA is one of the leading cyber-security conferences in the world, with over 45,000 security professionals in attendance this year.


The event gave the XYZ Team a chance to meet with businesses and industry insiders about the benefits and best practices for .Security and .Protection. More importantly, this was an opportunity for XYZ to further establish itself in the cyber-security space. It’s already well-known that XYZ takes a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of abuse, including spamming, phishing, malware, and other illegal activities. But did you know that .xyz has a lower abuse score than TLDs like .com, .net, and .info? In fact, according to nTLDstats, there is less than 0.03% abuse in the .xyz zone!



Screenshots & stats from, March 5, 2017

We’re very proud of the industry-leading abuse mitigation tool we’ve developed and couldn’t help but to show it off to some of the experts we met at RSA. We explained that by proactively monitoring our zone and analyzing over 100 data points from respected sources like Google and Spamhaus, .xyz has become a safe, reputable namespace that people can confidently conduct business in.

Missed us at RSA? Abuse experts and researchers are encouraged to contact us to discuss partnership opportunities and ways to make the internet safer.


South by Southwest (SXSW) is just around the corner, and the #XYZsquad is gearing up to take over the streets of Austin once again. You might have seen these purple people in the past on the news, at parties, or even leading the SXSW parade.


This year, the #XYZsquad will be handing out thousands of 3D glasses for our exclusive 3D Lab. Best of all, everyone has a chance to win free prizes just by solving the riddles! We also have a festival-wide scavenger hunt in the works that will be taking place throughout Downtown Austin, along with some other new tricks up our purple suit sleeves.

Stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages for more information on the scavenger hunt and live posts from SXSW starting on March 10th!


At the same time that the #XYZsquad is air-flaring and parkouring at SXSW, ICANN 58 will be taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Shayan Rostam will be there to meet with registrars and resellers to discuss our next big marketing campaign, as well as share other exciting news about our domains.

Are you attending ICANN 58? Schedule a meeting with Shayan to discuss marketing and partnership opportunities by contacting us.

Socal Domainers Meetup

Following ICANN, we will be hosting the first ever SoCal Domainers + Southern California Cybersecurity Professionals meetup. Starting at 6:30 on March 30th, everyone from the domain and cybersecurity industries are welcome to stop by for a drink at the XYZ office here in sunny Santa Monica. Although this is the third time we are hosting the event since 2015, it will be the first one since Shepard Fairey and Risk did an original mural on our building.



If you happen to be in the area on March 30th, stop by for a night of food, drinks, and great conversations. Check out the MeetUp page for more information and to reserve your spot at the event!

As you can see, March is going to be an exciting month for us, with a lot planned! If you plan to be at SXSW, ICANN 58, or live in Los Angeles, let us know on Twitter and we’ll arrange a meeting.

We sure had “a whale of a time” at ICANN’s 54th conference in Dublin, Ireland. It feels like just yesterday that we launched .xyz to the world, when in reality there have already been seven ICANN conferences since then!

ICANN, the organization that oversees the entire internet naming system, hosts these global public meetings to discuss how to make the internet a better place. This is also a great opportunity for us to catch up with all of our partners throughout the world.

Across the world to Dublin

Dublin was a nice break from the Southern California heat wave, where we had the opportunity to meet in-person with more than 50 of our partners at the Dublin Convention Centre.


One of the many highlights was the welcome gala at Dublin’s famous Dame Lane. Themed “That Night in Dublin,” we ate and drank the Irish way with other conference attendees.


We also visited Google’s Ireland office, which is punnily located on Google Docks.


If you find yourself in Dublin, Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud is a must-try. We wined and dined with our trusty registrar partners, Namecheap.


And to cap off a successful week, we celebrated Raedene’s birthday, who’s an integral part of the team that supports all of the .xyz backend magic over at CentralNic.


Upcoming launches

With ICANN Dublin in the books, we’re excited to finish off the year with a bang. Not only are we releasing .xyz and .College premiums, we’re also launching our newest additions to the XYZ family: .Cars, .Car, .Auto, .Security, .Protection, and .Theatre.

Want more details on our newest domain offerings? Stay up-to-date with all of the news by signing up for our newsletter and following us at @xyz!

Hey there, #GenXYZ!

For those of you who follow us on Twitter, you already know that we’ve been preparing for ICANN’s huge conference in Los Angeles that began yesterday. THOUSANDS of people are gathering from around the world to take part in ICANN’s conference to discuss major topics that affect the future of the internet. Yes, you heard right – the future of the internet! And of course, the entire Team XYZ will be front and center, all hands on deck, as the conference is taking place on our home turf.

What is ICANN, you ask? ICANN (we pronounce it “eye-can”) is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. In a nutshell, it’s the organization that oversees anything and everything on the domain name system and strives for a stable and unified global internet.

First of all, without ICANN, we wouldn’t have you, #GenXYZ! ICANN rolled out the new domain extension program back in 2011, allowing for CEO and Founder Daniel Negari to bring .xyz to the world.

These conferences cover topics like new domain extensions, all the way to general internet outreach in emerging markets. Best of all, ICANN conferences are open to the public! If you’re interested in these topics (or just want to hang out with Team XYZ), stop by #ICANN51 in Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.

Not in LA? No worries! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and we’ll keep you updated on all the .xyz activity at ICANN. Keep your eyes peeled for some purple fun :)

Big, big news, #GenXYZ!

We’re happy to announce that .xyz Founder Daniel Negari and ICANN officially executed our Registry Agreement this week! This means we’re one huge step closer to launching the most flexible, memorable, and affordable domain names on the planet next year.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a three-letter Twitter handle, we can tell you firsthand that it’s awesome. That’s because we just scored @xyz. Same great tweets and breaking news, just a new and improved name. Be sure to follow our new account so you don’t miss out on our upcoming promotions and announcements.

One last thing – we’ve been talking with some media outlets and expect a few great articles to be published in the next few days. Keep an eye out for them because they’re sure to generate a lot of buzz!

That’s it for now, #GenXYZ. Stay posted on all things .xyz by following us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

Guess what, #GenXYZ!

We’ve got a juicy new video interview for you to check out on TheDomains starring ICANN’s poster boy, .xyz Founder Daniel Negari. As part of their new global awareness campaign, Daniel was the first operator featured in ICANN’s interview series to “provide insight into the individual story of a TLD, or portfolio of TLDs, the inspiration behind it and how they see it being used.” Domain Name Wire also has an article explaining ICANN’s new video project, make sure you check it out!

We know a lot of you out there are curious about Team XYZ. Thanks to Morgan Linton, you can now take a peek into our LA offices and get a taste of our day-to-day. Check out Morgan’s tour of our office and thoughts on the team. Thanks for stopping by, Morgan!

Make sure you also check out our new landing page on 101domain. We’re thrilled that so many of our registrar partners are sharing .xyz with the world. Don’t forget to pre-register your .xyz domain today.

Before we go, we wanted to let you know that the XYZ Store is almost sold out! Make sure you grab one of these first run t-shirts before they’re all gone. Our team of designers is hard at work on some new products, so stay tuned for the next round of merch.

Let us know what you think of the .xyz crib on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and don’t forget to tag us with #GenXYZ.

Good news, Generation XYZ®. ICANN approved .xyz’s initial evaluation as one of the latest new top level domain extensions on Friday, August 9th. You can read the full press release here. What does that mean? In short, it means we are right on track to launch .xyz next year. Don’t worry, we’ve got more than a few tricks up our sleeve to keep you busy until then!

Team XYZ has been working behind the scenes lately on some fun new surprises for our fans. That’s why we’re happy to announce that users can now watch .xyz on their favorite registrar’s website and be the first to know when their domains of choice will be available. Explore the full list by heading over to On most of the registrar site, such as, you can find .xyz in the “generic” category or by doing an extension search.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates. You can also learn more about our other exciting new project, .College, here.

October was another action packed month for all of us here at XYZ. Keep reading to see everywhere we went, or check out the video below for all the highlights!

The #XYZsquad dances .College into Philly at Educause 2017

2017 marks the 3rd straight year that we’ve taken .College to Educause, which was held this year in the City of Brotherly Love. And there was plenty of brotherly love spread around to the 4,000+ attendees, especially by the #XYZsquad, whose welcoming personalities helped the .College booth stand out among big names like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon as the hit of the conference. We spoke with hundreds of education industry professionals to help them register their .College domains and get their picture with the #XYZsquad too!

XYZ catches up with Alibaba and in Hangzhou, China

October also brought us an opportunity to connect with one of our leading registrar partners, Alibaba, at their YunQi Conference. It was great to see some familiar faces at the event, not just from Alibaba, but from as well. There were many insightful keynotes and presentations given at the event, so if you missed any be sure to watch the replays here.

Product Forge and XYZ partner to bring innovation to Edinburgh’s tourism industry

Giving the next generation of business leaders around the world a place to show their skills is central in XYZ’s mission to get the next generation online, and our partner Product Forge has helped us accomplish this goal time and again with their hackathons. This month, Product Forge organized the Edinburgh Tourism Challenge Weekend to give Scotland’s bright young minds a crack at improving Edinburgh’s tourism industry. Hackathon attendees put forth dozens of new ways to optimize the city’s tourism industry, and we supported them with free .xyz domains so they can share their ideas with the world (and they received some great free swag to boot). Check out the hackathon recap video below to see all the action, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on all the ways we support #GenXYZ!

XYZ travels to Abu Dhabi for ICANN 60

ICANN’s events have given Team XYZ the chance to travel around the world, and this month we made the trip from LA all the way to Abu Dhabi, where we met with over 30 of our partners. We shared the exciting news about both .Storage and the 1.111B® Class officially launching, and also planned some exciting new initiatives for 2018.

Majesty Alliance shares the story of .XYZ’s success

Last month we previewed an interview we were happy to have with Majesty Alliance, and we’re excited to be able to share the full video this month. Check it out below!

Team XYZ fills the office with fright and delight on Halloween

We capped off the month of October by celebrating Halloween with the entire office. We held a costume contest and a pumpkin carving contest, and there were some very creative entries in both. To see more of XYZ’s culture and find out why XYZ is the best place to work, check out our daily stories on Instagram (@XYZ).

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ?? Did you carve any pumpkins this year?! Team XYZ did! ??

A post shared by .XYZ (@xyz) on

May was another fast-paced month for Team XYZ. We spent the month giving members of #GenXYZ more creative freedom than ever before with their domains, by introducing the new 1.111B® Class. But before our June 1 announcement, we got to meet face to face with businesses and individuals around the world and hear about all their dynamic ideas and projects.

Product Forge Local Transport Hackathon – Edinburgh, Scotland

We started off the month sponsoring the Product Forge Local Transport Hackathon in Edinburgh, Scotland. Hackathons are one of our favorite ways to connect with #GenXYZ and support their entrepreneurial spirit. Product Forge’s Hackathon featured creative problem solving from innovators and future leaders. 8 teams composed of tech, design, business, and transport industry professionals competed to build the best new product that would improve transport services in South East Scotland. The winning team was Side who developed TransitTalks, a platform that allows individuals in communities to correspond directly with transportation planners and share their concerns and wishes.


As the winning team, Side was awarded a free .xyz domain, so they can get started building the TransitTalks platform online right away.

ICANN GDD Summit – Madrid, Spain

Our next trip was to sunny Spain for the ICANN GDD Industry Summit. The summit was a great opportunity to meet with many of our registrar partners and to share our vision for the 1.111B® Class. Many of our registrar partners loved the idea and marketing support that the XYZ Team had put together (look for them at We are always grateful when we have the chance to meet face to face with the registrars that allow innovators around the world to have access to .xyz, and we look forward to seeing them at future ICANN events.

Silicon Beach Networking Mixer – Santa Monica, CA


After the ICANN summit we returned to the States to connect with members of Santa Monica’s rapidly growing Virtual Reality (VR) startup community at the Silicon Beach VR Networking Mixer. We spoke to passionate VR entrepreneurs and got to share some success stories of .xyz adopters working in VR, like We love promoting .xyz adopters at every event we attend and the professionals we met at the mixer were inspired by their stories and can’t wait to follow in their footsteps with their own .xyz VR sites.

Silicon Beach Young Professionals Mixer – Santa Monica, CA


Our last stop in May was the Silicon Beach Young Professionals Mixer, which combined hungry young tech professionals, growing startups, and even a few freelance developers for a night of networking and collaboration. After we generated buzz about .xyz inside the event, we went out onto the streets of Venice to generate buzz about the 1.111B® Class with a holographic takeover.

The takeovers are far from over, as XYZ has huge throughout June to spread the word about the “All Your Domains Are Come From Us” marketing campaign and the 1.111B® Class. Stay tuned to our Twitter (@XYZ), Facebook (/XYZ) and Instagram (@XYZ) to see what Team XYZ and the #XYZsquad have in store!

March was an extremely event-full month for the XYZ Team. Our travels and initiatives spanned 3 continents and landed us some great coverage at one of the most recognized festivals in the world. See what we were up to last month in our March event recap!

ANova Hacks – Berkeley, CA

Early in March, we had the pleasure of sponsoring ANova Hacks held at the University of California, Berkeley. ANova Hacks is a student-run hackathon that brings together high school students from across the Bay area for a 10-hour coding event.


Not only is ANova Hacks a programming competition, but it features workshops throughout the day to teach students how to code. In fact, several participants had no prior coding experience, but still turned in completed projects at the end of the day. You know the XYZ movement is in full-force when the next generation is building their first-ever website with a .xyz domain instead of a .com! We couldn’t be more proud of ANova Hacks mission, and we’re glad each participant was able to come away from the experience with a .xyz domain, XYZ swag, and invaluable coding skills. We look forward to sponsoring their next event!

ICANN 58 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Next up was ICANN 58, where our Global Director, Shayan Rostam, headed off to Copenhagen, Denmark to meet with our registrar partners about upcoming marketing initiatives and to share some big news. We can’t say anything publicly yet, but if your registrar didn’t have a chance to meet with XYZ at ICANN, be sure to contact us ASAP – you’ll definitely want to hear this!


SXSW 2017 – Austin, TX

The standout event of March was by far the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Austin, Texas. This was our 3rd time in attendance, and this year the #XYZsquad did it bigger and better than ever before!


If you were at SXSW, chances are you ran into the #XYZsquad parkouring, breakdancing, and taking thousands of pictures with attendees throughout the streets of Austin. You probably also saw our infamous 3D glasses in the crowds, with people checking out the XYZ 3D Lab on their phones. In fact, the #XYZsquad was such a hit that they were covered by Fox 7 Austin, Spectrum Reach’s Kernel, Comcast, and the official SXSW and Bravo Network Snapchat accounts. They were even the main highlight of our Scavenger Hunt! The #XYZsquad has now become a mainstay of SXSW, and they are already gearing up for next year! Be sure to check out the full blog post here.

Wuxi Marathon – Wuxi, China

SXSW wasn’t the last that we saw of the #XYZsquad in March. Shortly afterward, the #XYZsquad was off across the ocean to Wuxi, China to participate in the Wuxi Marathon.


The Wuxi Marathon consisted of 30,000 runners and attracted over 170,000 spectators from all over the world. The #XYZsquad participated in the event, running the entire 42km (26 miles), all while raising awareness for .xyz in China. We want to tip our hats to all the runners at the event, and congratulate everyone who participated for their perseverance. Check out our full write up about the marathon here.

TechX & Expo – Los Angeles, CA

Despite our global popularity, we like to stay involved in the local tech scene throughout Los Angeles, which is why we attended the TechX & Expo in Studio City, CA.


TechX brought together local tech startups and businesses to showcase their products and services. It was a great opportunity to learn about the newest technologies coming out of our backyard, and also encourage them to share their ideas with the world on their very own .xyz website. Thanks for having us TechX!

SoCal Domainers Meetup – Los Angeles, CA

After an incredibly busy March, Team XYZ wrapped up the month by hosting an event of our own – The SoCal Domainers & Cybersecurity Professionals meetup!


This was our third time hosting the event, and it’s something we now look forward to hosting at least once a year. This was the first meetup to also host local leaders from the cybersecurity industry, which meant we could not only talk about domains, but also share some the proactive measures XYZ is taking to mitigate abuse. We always enjoy catching up with old friends, and we’re so glad we could make new ones too! We hope everyone had as great of a time as we did.

The XYZ Team was all over the world in March, but as always, we are already planning our itineraries for next month! Are you attending an event that you think that #XYZsquad should be at? Let us know on Twitter @XYZ!

Welcome to XYZ’s China Blog Series, dedicated to our loyal supporters in China. Click here to read this post in English.

.XYZ 已通过工信部资质批复

我们非常高兴地宣布一项大家期待已久的消息:.xyz已正式获得工信部资质审批,成为首批获得此资质的新顶级域名国外注册局!企业和个人从现在开始可以为 .xyz网站备案并使用国内主机托管。

相信大家知道,获得该资质许可一直是XYZ一年多以来的首要任务。建立了中国实体公司后,XYZ 与 ICANN密切合作研究出符合其政策要求的技术解决方案。XYZ是目前获得ICANN批准在中国执行此操作的唯一注册局。

获得批复仅仅是XYZ在中国最新拓展行动的一部分。今年11月,CEO丹尼尔(Daniel Negari)再次到访北京参加了世界云计算日。丹尼尔被邀请作为演讲嘉宾并参加域名圆桌会议,在大会结束后接受了newg.TV 的专访


现在.xyz域名已经可以备案,我们期待看到在中国出现更多更酷的 .xyz网站。为了庆祝获得批复,一些国内注册商伙伴将举办 .xyz促销活动。另外,欢迎访问来搜索和下载可注册的4字符和 5字符等各类 .xyz域名。



XYZ有了官方QQ账号!XYZ 官方QQ群:295605448。




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China Blog Series: .XYZ is now one of the first new domains to receive MIIT accreditation!

We are proud to break the news that everyone has long been waiting for: .xyz is officially one of the first new domain extensions to become MIIT accredited! In short, this means that businesses and individuals can now host their .xyz websites locally in China.

As many of our supporters know, receiving accreditation was a top priority for us for over a year now. After obtaining our WFOE and creating our Chinese business entity, we worked closely with ICANN to develop a technical solution that met their policy requirements. We are the only registry that has received approval from ICANN for our technical solution to operate in China.

Accreditation is just the most recent stride we’ve taken to expand in China – one of our most important markets. Last month, our CEO Daniel Negari traveled to Beijing to take part in World Hosting Days China, where he was a keynote speaker, a featured member on the roundtable discussion panel, and was interviewed by newg.TV.


Now that accreditation has been completed, we can’t wait to see all the great new sites that #GenXYZ in China create! To celebrate this momentous occasion, several of our registrar partners in China are preparing to host some big .xyz sales for a limited time. With more details to come, get ready by visiting to search and download free lists of 4-character and 5-character .xyz domains that are available for hand registration.

Be sure to check out the full press release announcing our accreditation here

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