All the OG #GenXYZ fans know that Team XYZ has been cooking up a much-anticipated cousin to the .xyz domain. Who wants to take an “educated” guess?

You guessed right! The professional-yet-cool extension with an authoritative and commanding presence; the new platform where people and organizations of all types can come together for a common purpose

The .College domain extension will officially be launching into its “Sunrise” phase on March 17, 2015!


What does that mean? If you’re a brand or trademark holder registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), you can start registering your marks with .College starting on March 17.

Not a TMCH participant? Not to fret. Starting on April 20, .College will enter a special 5-month registration period that’s exclusive for .edu and registrants.

In this “Landrush” phase, educational institutions are welcome to register any names they’d like in the .College space (so if you’re in a research lab, university department, or even in athletics and events for an institution eyeing a .College domain name, get your list of desired .College names going now).

Just think. How awesome would it be to have YourName.College with your resume posted up? Or YourCompany.College for a new recruiting page to attract the best and the brightest to your company? .College isn’t just for your external audience, but also a platform to internally develop your growing workforce with professional tools, classes, and forums.

You can even highlight the current and past seasons’ team success on Football.College, or showcase your ongoing lab or research park’s most innovative recent findings on Technology.College or Sustainability.College.

.College domains will become available to the General Public beginning in September 2015. Keep up with the latest .College news by signing up to Team XYZ’s newsletter here.


Keeping on with the spirit of the Grammy Awards, this week’s #WebsiteWednesday is all about the music.

Whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned professional, it’s always important to establish your personal brand. And you can do just that with your very own website on a catchy .xyz domain!

Did you know that Taylor Swift recently made history as the first musician to try to trademark her lyrics? Her notable lyrics “this sick beat,” “Nice to meet you. Where you been?” and “Party like it’s 1989” have certainly become synonymous with the TSwift brand.

But involving trademarks isn’t the only way you can do this. A great way you can start building and growing your brand is through your dynamic online presence – and we don’t mean just posting your music on Facebook or YouTube.

While social media has its clear advantages, creating your own .xyz website lets you have full control over you and your musical vision. Think about it. You can mix-and-match elements like your SoundCloud profile, post your upcoming events, maybe even add a blog to share your creative process with your fans.

Of course, you don’t need to abandon social media altogether. Easily add fun buttons to your website and link your social media sites so everything’s connected!


For inspiration, check out Simple, edgy, and keeps the focus on his awesome tunes.

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Did you have a favorite Super Bowl commercial, #GenXYZ? Ours is a toss up between the (almost) clever man on the airplane with Doritos, and the commercial about avocados being drafted by the country of Mexico (if that sentence sounds all too strange, you have to check-out these ads – it’ll all make sense).

While huge corporations spend millions of dollars on these short commercials, many small businesses and startups need a more cost-effective way with a longer shelf-life to promote their business. And the internet makes all this possible, even with a budget far less than 0.1% of what these companies spend on Super Bowl ads!

You guessed it. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’re focusing on small businesses. Whether you’re a Mom and Pop Shop or a freelance web developer offering your services, having an online presence is an easy and cost-effective way to get your name in front of your customers.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 6.48.50 PM

Originally, this graphic design and branding professional snatched to rebrand and promote his services. Now on a shorter and memorable domain name, visitors can quickly access this revamped site that showcases the business’s strength in design.

And ICYMI, the XYZ HQ has officially moved to Santa Monica! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to catch glimpses of our brand new office. We’ll be sure to share more photos soon!

Wish you had more time for the .xyz Web Design Contest? We hear ya!

Due to popular demand, we’re extending the deadline to submit your live .xyz site to March 31. The entry form will also remain open through March 22, so you have plenty of time to register if you haven’t already!

All the great perks and prizes stay the same. Now you’ll have more time to flex your design skills and up your chances of winning!

Whether you’re working on your blog, portfolio, product site, startup idea, or something completely innovative that the world hasn’t seen yet, take advantage of the extended deadline and bring your best design foot forward.

Have any questions about the contest? Take a gander at our Contest FAQ page. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach us through the usual channels of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Happy designing!

The numbers have lined up and we’ve hit 777,777 .xyz registrations in 7 months of launching! January 2015 has certainly turned into one of our luckiest months yet. Can you guess what the winning .xyz domain was? It’s a pretty awesome domain that we can’t help but try to imagine what’s to come. Drumroll, please…


We want to spread this good fortune and wish all the .xyz Web Design Contest participants the best of luck in snatching those prizes! Haven’t signed up yet? It’s not too late!

Sign up NOW before the entry form closes in 3 more days. Remember, to get your contest entry going, all eligible participants will receive for FREE:

  • a GoDaddy hosting account
  • a .xyz domain name
  • 30-day access to General Assembly’s online courses
  • up to $500 in General Assembly tuition credits

Are you in the LA area?

Please join us at the…

General Assembly + .xyz Web Design Contest Mixer
Wednesday, January 28 | 7-9 PM | FREE
1933 S. Broadway, 11th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Whether you want to learn more about the amazing prizes, need help claiming your free GoDaddy hosting account and .xyz domain (all contest entrants receive these for free), or just want to mingle with the .xyz and General Assembly communities over drinks, everyone is invited!

Looking forward to meeting you all there!