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MikeJohns.CEO blends AI and human insight on his .CEO domain

MikeJohns.CEOPorkbun customer – (United States)

Talented creatives, tech-focused organizations, and industry leaders are carving out their digital presence with .xyz and more XYZ Registry domains like .Security, .Audio, and .CEO to showcase AI-infused portfolios that span a diverse array of professional work. Artist and designer uses his .xyz to showcase AI-driven art. Security platform Octane.Security harnesses AI to help developers test smart contracts. Cloud-based platform Bridge.Audio presents AI-enhanced solutions to help you share and organize your music files. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to an influential futurist who highlights his career using a “FirstNameLastName.CEO” domain: MikeJohns.CEO.

Introducing Mike Johns, a maverick of digital innovation

MikeJohns.CEO is the personal website of Mike Johns, a self-described “futurist” at the intersection of technology and pop culture. As the founder of Digital Mind State, established in 2010, Mike anchors brands and talents in the entertainment and tech sectors. Mike serves a clientele of entertainers, athletes, and models, including Fivio Foreign, Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson, and Romeo Miller. In 2023, he partnered with his friend Jian Lin to form JirenAI, an innovative bot venture geared towards improving daily operations, connecting with clients, and increasing sales. Committed to diversity and youth empowerment in tech, Mike founded We Are Digital, a nonprofit focusing on STEAM and digital literacy. Operating globally from Los Angeles, Mike actively dedicates his career to merging technology with societal and business innovation.

Exploring MikeJohns.CEO: Diverse clientele, testimonials, and projects

Mike’s clean and straightforward website design facilitates easy navigation through his extensive projects. MikeJohns.CEO showcases his partnerships with major companies such as ESPN, T-Mobile, and Microsoft, emphasizing his expertise in creative marketing and media procurement. It features various sections including client highlights, testimonials, and a photo gallery. Mike’s website uses an AI chatbot to enhance user interaction and offer insights into Mike’s projects and ideas. MikeJohns.CEO also highlights Mike’s various technology-focused brands, including Tech With Soul. This annual festival is held in the fourth quarter in Washington, DC, celebrating global technological innovation with a focus on humanizing technology and culture for the greater good. The event combines BIPOC innovation, venture capital, entrepreneurship, and creativity, drawing industry experts, major brands, technology leaders, and investors. Additionally, Mike spotlights Tech This Out, 1an AI platform geared towards fueling e-commerce growth for the world’s leading brands. The platform’s AI uses advanced machine learning algorithms to evaluate data from browsing and purchasing history. The data aids in recommending consumer electronic products items that align with style preferences and buying habits.

MikeJohns.CEO showcases many of Mike’s renowned clients, including CES Consumer Technology Association, multinational oil and gas company Shell, and London’s urban community radio station The Beat London 103.6FM. Mike also shares testimonials from notable influencers like co-founder of Apple Stephen Wozniak, who calls Mike a “visionary,” and businessman and investor Daymond John of Shark Tank, who calls Mike a “ trailblazer for the culture.” 

The advantages of a FirstNameLastName.CEO domain like MikeJohns.CEO

A “FirstNameLastName.CEO” domain, like MikeJohns.CEO, boosts Mike Johns’ online presence and discoverability, offering an accessible platform without needing logins or memberships. When someone Googles “Mike Johns,” MikeJohns.CEO prominently appears at the top of the search results (as of January 30, 2024). Utilizing a professional website with a domain name that aligns with one’s full name, like .CEO, significantly increases the likelihood of appearing in relevant search results. Additionally, a “FirstNameLastName.CEO” domain can establish a strong personal brand, signaling professionalism and leadership status. This domain choice immediately associates the individual with executive and decision-making roles, enhancing their perceived authority and expertise in their field. It can also be beneficial for networking and career opportunities, as it underscores the individual’s position as a leader or executive. You can learn more by following Mike on LinkedIn and by visiting MikeJohns.CEO.


XYZ presents .CEO

XYZ is committed to bringing choice, accessibility, and innovation to the internet. Operating a diverse range of domain endings helps empower everyone, from individuals to organizations, to craft an impactful digital identity. The opportunities found in differentiation foster a more inclusive and dynamic online ecosystem. Following the successful launch of our 34th domain extension, .Lat, we’re thrilled to unveil our 35th addition to the family of XYZ Registry domains: .CEO!

The .CEO domain ending is designed for industry leaders with strategic vision looking to take control of their brand, name, and online identity. In today’s digital age, an online presence with global reach is vital for establishing authority and influence as a business leader. Individuals like MichelleHummel.CEO and MikeJohns.CEO are just a few examples of the impact of a digital legacy. Our very own XYZ CEO Daniel Negari demonstrates ownership of his online identity on DN.CEO. We have elaborated on the acquisition and the vision moving forward in our press release which provides deeper insight into how this acquisition aligns with our mission and what it means for CEOs around the globe.

The title of CEO is recognized globally1 – and the .CEO domain is accessible around the world. As with all of our domains, XYZ will enable .CEO to be registered in over 200 languages. The .CEO domain extension is also completely unrestricted, just like all XYZ TLDs. This makes it easy for anyone around the world to claim the domain that they want, without any requirements. As XYZ continues rolling out .CEO access to our global network of 200+ registrar and retail partners, take this opportunity to secure your digital footprint by reserving YourName.CEO at GoDaddy, Namecheap, and more.

If you’re wondering about Search Engine Optimization, Google does not treat .CEO any differently. With an optimized content strategy, YourName.CEO has the same chance to rank #1 in Google (or any search engine) as any other generic domain name. Both MichelleHummel.CEO and MikeJohns.CEO can be found on the first page of Google when searching for their respective names (results as of 10/10/23).

Whether you currently hold the title of CEO, or you are diligently working towards it, claiming your name isn’t just about ROI, reputation management, or scaling your potential. It’s a critical step in owning your online identity, because right now YourName.CEO is available for anyone to stake their claim.

The purpose of .CEO domains:

YourName.CEO can work hand-in-hand with your business card to be a scalable networking profile. It can display your business history, accomplishments, interests – anything you want people to know. YourCompany.CEO can provide a differentiated and prestigious space for your brand’s audience to get to know and build trust in your current Chief Executive Officer. YourServices.CEO can be used to deliver exclusive services to the highest-ranking managers in any corporation. The .CEO domain offers an avenue for CEOs and CEO-related business all over the world to establish a unique, credible, and flexible digital networking opportunity.

Whether you’re looking to cultivate your digital identity as a CEO, build a personal portfolio, establish your brand, or represent a company, .CEO provides a unique platform to make your mark in the digital world.

There are many different strategies for using a .CEO domain, including:

  • Craft an impactful digital business card
  • Brand your professional journey online
  • Deliver expert insights
  • Create a sales funnel with a personal touch
  • Establish an online hub for services
  • Highlight your company’s leadership
  • Generate leads for your business
  • Pioneer blockchain and crypto projects
  • Lead the way in emerging technologies

Now is a great opportunity to secure your .CEO domain name. Sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of all .CEO news and register your .CEO domain today.

Individuals, businesses, and organizations using .CEO

.CEO is suited for individuals, businesses, events, and organizations aiming to create standout websites aligned with leadership and business growth. Explore some of the early adopters already promoting their brand on .CEO domains:

Digital Identity

DN.CEO – Professional website of Daniel Negari, CEO of XYZ
MR.CEO – Professional website of Michael Riedl, CEO of Team Internet, formerly known as CentralNic
MichelleHummel.CEO – Professional website of Michelle Hummel, CEO and Founder of Web Strategy Plus
MikeJohns.CEO – Professional website of Mike Johns, Chief Strategist Officer of Roberts Innovation Investment Group & Founder of Digital Mind State
Lord.CEO – Professional website of Andre Lord, Founder and CEO of Diamond LLC
AntonioSerrano.CEO – Professional website of Antonio Serrano Garcia
LisaLaporte.CEO – Professional website of CEO of TWiT and Artisanal Agency

Thought Leadership

KingdomDriven.CEO – Podcast website from Sean Kouplen, CEO of Regent Bank and former Secretary of Commerce & Workforce Development for the state of Oklahoma
Bear.CEO – Personal website of Võ Hoàng Mạnh Hùng, aka Strong Bear, co-founder and CEO of Designveloper
Humble.CEO – Personal website of Ben Muresan, motivational speaker

CEO Blogs/Media platforms

Black.CEO – Community platform of Black business owners and executives
TheVisionary.CEO – Media platform for founders, visionaries, owners, and CEOs
Her.CEO – Media platform designed to help inspire entrepreneurs
LadyBoss.CEO – Media platform for powerful, entrepreneurial women

CEO Solutions

Bold.CEO – Business accelerator program
Halo.CEO – Venture consultancy that helps startups and emerging companies accelerate software product innovation
Disruptive.CEO – Business consultation services
GhostWriter.CEO – CEO ghostwriting services platform
VivaPersona.CEO – Lithuania-based seminars and consultations for business owners, CEOs, and their teams

Anyone can promote their online presence with a .CEO domain name. Get started now – register your own .CEO domain today and read our press release for more information!

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  • GoDaddy
  • Namecheap
  • Gandi
  • Porkbun
  • Squarespace


SpaceOddity.xyzSquarespace customer – (United States)

Creative industry services like content studios, branding agencies, and production studios are embracing .xyz domains for their online homes. Production company works with global brands like Apple and multi-platinum artists like Beyoncé. Prestigious creative company creates award-winning animated content with organizations like The Equal Justice Initiative. Branding agency works with prominent brands like Casetify, Ann Taylor, and Kate Spade. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a creative content studio developing technology-themed horror films as well as media campaigns for brands like Amazon and TikTok: is the online home of Space Oddity, a content studio based in Los Angeles and backed by social media tech company Snap Inc. The company operates through two distinct divisions: Space Oddity Films and Space Oddity Agency. Founder and CEO Alex Mann, a writer and director, has contributed to publications like McSweeney’s, VICE, and The New Yorker. His short films, such as the Bitcoin-themed horror Crypto, have been praised in publications like Fast Company.1

Space Oddity Films, a content studio exploring technology and culture

Space Oddity Films serves as an original content studio with a focus on the intersection of technology and culture. As stated on their Films website, “Space Oddity Films is an original content studio exploring technology + culture.” As indicated on their YouTube channel, their focus is on tech horror, a genre of horror films centered on technology. The channel has 3.42K subscribers and 21 videos, (as of September 12, 2023). 3 Seconds, a short film focused on Snapchat, has garnered over 3.4 million views. Other features showcase Starling, a short film about a girl discovering dangerous powers, and Instawolf, a short film exploring the horrors of taking a selfie.

Space Oddity Agency, a full-service creative studio for future-focused brands

Space Oddity Agency operates as a comprehensive creative studio catering to brands that aspire to define the future. Their Agency website states “Space Oddity Agency is a full-service creative studio for brands defining the future.” They offer a range of services, from screenwriting and directing to cinematography, editing, sound design, and VFX, taking projects from concept to delivery. Additionally, they boast experience as viral content producers, promoting work that has garnered millions of views and widespread sharing by influencers. Space Oddity applies their distinctive cinematic storytelling approach across various platforms, showcasing experience in contemporary and future content creation.

With a diverse client roster including Verizon, Amazon, Honda, Skype, and Snapchat, Space Oddity Agency engages in collaborations to assist in realizing their visions. The agency collaborated with Verizon on a content series, 5G Built for Gaming, led by actor Jordan Fisher, to educate prospective users about Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network technology.2 The agency is also responsible for a Kobe Bryant-hosted trailer about the athlete’s sports-fantasy YA book series, Epoca. In the 30-second spot, Kobe discusses the power that reading can have on the imagination.’s strategic domain choice

Space Oddity consolidated and upgraded two separate domains – and – to the shorter and more memorable The company’s selection of the .xyz domain aligns with their interests in exploring technology and culture, and helping brands define the future. .XYZ has developed a thriving community of innovators and forward-thinkers embracing the latest technologies, and has emerged as the preferred domain for the next generation of internet users.

You can learn more and view more examples of their work by following the studio on Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and by visiting


AceofAllTrades.xyzSquarespace customer – (United States)

The .xyz community is home to many accomplished individuals using .xyz to showcase their passions and career experiences. San Francisco-based independent journalist Melissa Hung uses to highlight her writing portfolio. Australia-based artist Serwah Attafuah uses to showcase her digital art and NFT creations. Political satirist Bassem Youssef uses to share his media appearances, upcoming shows, and press clippings. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an accomplished actor, comedian, rapper, filmmaker, and graphic designer who highlights his vast career experiences on his own personal website: is the personal website of self-described “Actor, Creator, Entertainer” Ace Anderson. Ace developed the moniker “Ace of All Trades: The Modern Renaissance Man” after pursuing his interests as a professional actor, comedian, rapper, filmmaker, and graphic designer. The Florida-based multi-hyphenate creative earned his BFA in Acting from Meadows School of The Arts at Southern Methodist University. After working at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra as the lead Graphic designer for a couple of years, Ace developed his own brand design and development company called The Striped Heart. Since 2016, Ace and his wife, Gabrielle Reyes, have been working together on various projects to make their life’s dreams of artistry, health, and well-being a reality.

Born to Jamaican immigrants in Englewood, New Jersey, Ace developed a passion for acting at an early age while growing up in West Palm Beach, Florida. He honed his skills by reenacting Eddie Murphy’s skits from Saturday Night Live and developed a knack for storytelling. In 2013, he joined The Brierley Resident Acting Company of the Tony Award-winning Dallas Theater Center, where he continued to sharpen his craft and deliver powerful performances.

In 2020, Ace began to earn roles in television productions such as S.W.A.T., The Last O.G., Bust Down, and Law & Order: Organized Crime. He has recently taken on a new role behind the camera, as the Chief Marketing Officer for his wife’s touring cooking class series, One Great Vegan.1

Ace invites fans and visitors to from his entertaining Instagram account with 16K followers, and an extremely popular Tik Tok account with over 200K followers and over 3M likes. His career endeavors are displayed in an easy-to-navigate manner for visitors to explore on The homepage has a portrait of Ace in a red suit underneath multiple topics to choose from. For instance, on his Actor page you can check out his various acting reels, including his Commercial Reel, Comedy Reel, and Theatrical Reel. You can also view his various acting clips, such as a scene in 2021’s Red Stone, starring Neal McDonough.2 If you click over to Ace’s Creator page, you can find information about his full-service, design-driven international production company The Striped Heart. You can check out samples from The Striped Heart portfolio, including the logo design for Houston-based non-profit organization Adam’s House Foundation. Ace shares his biography on his About Me page, where he also shares contact information for talent booking, design inquiries, and press inquiries. This is a great resource that makes it very simple for potential collaborators, clients, and fans to reach out and make contact.

There is great benefit in a domain like for your personal website. Website visitors have the opportunity to experience a wide sampling of Ace’s completed projects all in one place. The simplified navigation makes it easy for visitors to get a strong sense of Ace’s abilities and help them consider him for a collaboration.

For Ace, the decision to choose .xyz seems like it was an easy one. As he told us,

“.xyz was the most unique, honestly, and I liked the tagline “From A-C-E to X-Y-Z” for my vlogging.”

We are proud to have the multi-talented Ace Anderson in the .xyz community. You can learn more about Ace by following him on Tik Tok, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, and by visiting

2. GoDaddy customer (United Kingdom)

The .xyz community is home to many mission-driven and globally conscious changemakers. Non-profit organization works to empower young women to become leaders in the historically male-dominated STEM fields by sharing inspiring stories of women of color and their accomplishments. Tech designer co-founded the Philippines chapter of Effective Altruism, an organization that uses evidence and reasoning to determine the best ways to help others. was founded by young Nigerian lawyer Chude Jideonwo to support better education, develop healthier psychology, and generate impactful social movements in Africa. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an organization composed of Generation Z leaders aiming to preserve our natural resources by motivating and empowering the next generation to turn their climate concerns into action:

London-based is a non-profit startup organization created and led by members of Generation Z. Or, as Operations Director Phoebe Hanson writes on her Linkedin profile, “a youth-led start-up empowering Gen Z to step up, rather than shut down, in the face of the climate crisis.” They are dedicated to helping fellow young people realize their change-making potential in the face of climate change. Founded in 2019, the organization works to accomplish this goal by leading student programs, speaking at schools and universities, and creating curriculum and supporting resources for educators. has a Resources link where students and educators can acquire helpful materials. For teachers, offers continuing professional development in the form of training sessions to help educators respond ethically to climate change concerns, navigate difficult conversations, and create spaces that promote wellbeing. For students, offers programming intended to foster change by uncovering their interests as aspiring activists. The course aims to clarify what students need to be effective as change-makers. was founded at age 19 by an extraordinary climate activist and researcher named Clover Hogan. Clover has been dedicated to saving the environment for the past decade. She launched the Force of Nature podcast, a nine-episode series highlighting inspirational grass roots climate activists that can be streamed from the website. She has even appeared on a TEDxLondon podcast to converse about the climate crisis. Clover was a panelist at last year’s Athens Democracy Forum, an event in association with The New York Times, where she discussed the importance of climate change as a global event with a global impact. She serves as a trustee to the Global Action Plan, and is on the advisory boards of the National Community Lottery’s Climate Action Fund, the Teach the Future campaign, and the COP26 President-Designate Civil Society and Youth Advisory Council. Clover’s most recent focus has been on the rise of climate anxiety (or eco anxiety), which is a fear that the current system is pushing our planet beyond its ecological limits. Clover and the topic of climate anxiety has been the center of an article in a February 2020 issue of The Guardian. intentionally utilizes the .xyz domain ending in their name to help further their message. Clover pointed us towards a particular Instagram post regarding inter-generational change which states: “Young people today are not the first to fight for change, and we will not be the last. To effectively solve for climate change, we must collaborate across generations. That’s why Force of Nature is launching our Intergen Services – working with leaders across business, education & policy to deliver climate solutions that champion the values & visions of a generation.” chose a fitting domain name paired with the meaningful .xyz domain ending to help further their message promoting inter-generational change.

We’re inspired to have, armed with their powerful and meaningful domain name, in the .xyz community. Their interest in educating and inspiring our future leaders makes us proud. You can follow them on Linkedin, Instagram at, and Twitter at @fon_xyz, or head over to to learn more.

Phew, what a weekend. With Friday the 13th, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and CEO and Founder Daniel Negari’s NBC debut on Press:Here, it sure was a busy one!

ICYMI, Daniel was interviewed by NBC’s Scott McGrew, VentureBeat’s Dylan Tweney, and Fortune’s Michal Lev-Ram on NBC Bay Area’s Press:Here. If you missed the on-air segment, you can catch the lively chat between the four and find out how .xyz came about, who’s using their .xyz domains, how YOU can use a .xyz to build your brand, and more!

How awesome is it to see Daniel on TV?! We couldn’t contain our excitement when we posted this BTS pic on Twitter last week. So be sure to follow us for more behind-the-scene action shots because there’s a lot more to look forward to!

Now back to Valentine’s Day

Did you know that an estimated 14 million Americans were expecting or planning a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day this year? With millions of proposals, why not share your special story on your very own .xyz website? You can use it as a virtual wedding invitation, or start a blog to share your wedding preparations and post pictures along the way!

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In an interview with BBC News about the acquisition of new, generic Top Level Domains (more widely known as Domain Extensions), CentralNic CEO Ben Crawford name-dropped our very own .xyz! While explaining ICANN’s Big Reveal and the domain extension application process, the UK-based mogul highlighted .xyz as one of the leading trailblazers in the new extension space.

To find out how else we’re staying at the top of our game, take a peek at the full video.

XYZ Registry Domains Report - March 2024

March 2024 Highlights

  • Most popular TLDs in standard sales: .XYZ, .LOL, and .Lat
  • Highest premium sale(s):
    • $13,000/year MSRP
    • $3,000/year MSRP
  • Highest aftermarket sale reported was, at $90,000
  • 3-letter domains accounted for 18.18%% of the .xyz aftermarket sales reported at NameBio, for example:
    • Aftermarket sale for $126
    • Aftermarket sale for $115
    • Aftermarket sale for $110
    • Aftermarket sale for $100
  • Various businesses, projects, and platforms launched websites on premium XYZ Registry domains
    • ($13,000 MSRP) registered by a decentralized search network
    • SDVerse.Auto ($3,000 MSRP) registered by an automotive software marketplace
    • Fun.Rent ($700 MSRP) registered by a party rental business
    •  ($350 MSRP) registered by a crypto staking platform (domain upgrade from
    • 404.Monster** ($350 MSRP) registered by an NFT project
  • The top 10 most popular SLD keywords for .xyz registrations in March were:  ai, my, sol, bet, online, app, tech, vip, coin, win
  • In China, 453 .xyz websites received their ICP license in the month of March, including:
  • Notable influencers using XYZ Domains
    • Host of Zero Knowledge podcast1 Anna Rose is the co-founder of crypto research company (domain upgrade from
    • Guitarist and co-founder of former music licensing platform Mediarite Adrien Stern is CEO and co-founder of, a payment infrastructure platform for the collaboration economy.
    • SMAPE Capital partner Simon Schwerin is the founding partner of social capital collective
    • Co-founder of BrownRice Capital and former CFO of Coinswitch (one of India’s leading crypto apps) Sarmad Nazki is co-founder of blockchain startup 
  • Freshly funded startups using XYZ Domains

Words from #GenerationXYZ: – $13,000 (MSRP) Premium Registration

“Our use of .xyz as our new domain name means that we see the latest changes and trends in the Internet. .XYZ represents the determination and vision of the new generation of Internet companies in exploring new areas, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. It is no longer the embodiment of the traditional Internet, but the voice of a new attitude. We hope that through the domain name of .xyz to express our commitment to deep plowing into the field of web3 + AI, and let more users quickly remember our new name and image!”

-Joe, Marketing Manager,

Discover a curated selection of available .xyz domains with our .xyz premiums, .xyz numbers, and CNOX search tools.

* Premium XYZ Registry domains refer to premium domains for extensions with standard and premium domains, and XYZ’s premium namespaces such as .Cars, .Car, .Auto, .Theatre, .Storage, .Security, and .Protection.***

** “BIN” (or High/Low) priced premium domain. Domains in this tier have a premium price for the first year, but renew at standard pricing. All other premium domains have annual premium renewal fees.

XYZ Registry Domains Report – March 2024

Top 20 Premium XYZ Domains Registered

(not ranked) AI.Yachts** Dream.Boats** Fun.Rent
Deco.Homes** Kings.Game
CCB.Homes Arcade.Game
Faker.LOL No.Diet
Win.Skin In.Theatre
Lux.Quest** Agile.Security
Caroline.Beauty ShopSmart.Auto
AI.Monster** App.Car

More Standout Premium Registrations 404.Monster** Furnished.Rent 11.Game Sonic.Game Shop.Game
Garden.Homes** Vegas.Game
Bank.LOL Catcher.Security
Candy.LOL Weve.Security
Huda.Beauty** DriveSmart.Auto
Flex.Monster** SecureSpace.Storage

March .xyz Aftermarket Overview


Total dollar value: $149,071.00
Average price: $6,775.95
Low Price: $100.00
High Price: $90,000.00
Maximum SLD characters: 11
2L – 1 (4.54%)
3L – 4 (18.18%)
4L – 2 (9.09%)

Top 10 XYZ Domains

(Ranked by volume)

  1.    .xyz
  2.    .LOL
  3.    .Lat
  4.    .Pics
  5. .Skin
  6. .Mom
  7. .Homes
  8. .Quest
  9. .Autos
  10. .Beauty

Top 10 .xyz Premium Domains Registered

(Price listed is MSRP)

  1. – $13,000
  2. – $3,000
  3. – $3,000
  4. – $3,000
  5. – $3,000
  6. – $3,000
  7. – $1,300
  8. – $700
  9.** – $700
  10.** – $700

Top 10 .xyz Aftermarket Sales


  1. – $90,000
  2. – $12,988
  3. – $12,000
  4. – $10,806
  5. – $6,999
  6. – $5,000
  7. – $3,000
  8. – $2,750
  9. – $1,501
  10. – $1,400

Top 20 Trending .xyz SLD Keywords

(source: Internal Data)   

  1. ai
  2. my
  3. sol
  4. bet
  5.     online
  6. app
  7. tech
  8.     vip
  9. coin
  10. win
  11. slot
  12. web
  13. shop
  14. net
  15. top
  16. best
  17. base
  18. home
  19. cat
  20. pat

*** Starting March 2023, the top 10 Trending .xyz SLD Keywords are expanded to include 2-character keywords.

Starting July 2023, we have expanded from Top 10 to Top 20 Trending .xyz SLD Keywords, and added the 2-character keyword “my” in our dataset. Though we consider “my” to be a keyword modifier, this addition is intended to align with industry focal points.


Arkis.xyzGoDaddy customer – (United Kingdom)

Developers dedicated to advancing the adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi) are launching their projects on .xyz domains. Blockchain analytics platform aims to humanize crypto. Prominent finance executive and software developer Brett Harrison’s is designed for streamlined crypto trading. DeFi cybersecurity platform aims to simplify the transition to web3. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a platform that aims to revolutionize how you safeguard your digital assets: is the online home of Arkis, a prime brokerage firm focused on accelerating the adoption of DeFi. Prime brokerage is a bundled package of services offered by investment banks and financial institutions to hedge funds, institutional investors, and sometimes large individual investors, somewhat like a VIP service package for big players in the investment world. Arkis aims to enhance capital efficiency within the DeFi space for larger entities. The firm’s services include providing undercollateralized loans to DeFi hedge funds, asset valuations, custom leveraged positions, and on-chain margin accounts, targeting funds with assets over $50 million. In February 2024, Arkis raised $2.2 million in pre-seed funding to support their mission. The round was led by gumi Cryptos Capital, with contributions from G1 Ventures, Blocklabs, and Roosh Ventures.1

CEO and co-founder Serhii Tyshchenko is no stranger to the world of traditional finance and decentralized finance. As founder and CEO of financial security company Liquidwage, he worked to enable employees to access their earned income whenever needed. As Chief Product Officer of Fortu Wealth, he helped develop personal finance solutions for high-net-worth individuals. In March 2024, Serhii attended the Digital Asset Summit in London to share his knowledge and discuss digital asset prime brokerage.2

Charting new frontiers: Arkis’ progress update unlocks the next level of DeFi

The Arkis blog serves as a critical platform for communicating ongoing product development updates, illustrating a commitment to transparency and user engagement. The February 2024 Product Development Update, written by CPO and co-founder Oleksandr Proskurin, offers insights into the company’s continuous efforts to refine and enhance their DeFi prime lending and capital-efficient leverage offerings for crypto asset managers. Highlighting significant progress in platform architecture and the introduction of new features, the blog outlines the integration of Onchain Portfolio Analytics, optimization of Allocation and Liquidation flows, and enhancements in smart contract adapters for Curve and Convex, alongside user flow improvements in their decentralized application (dApp). Furthermore, they share the announcement of their fundraising success, which underscores their industry support. Regular updates like this can keep the community informed of the latest developments and underscore Arkis’s dedication to advancing the DeFi landscape.

The advantages of branded social media and the .xyz domain

Arkis’ strategic use of a .xyz domain and incorporation of their URL into matching, branded social media handles (@arkisxyz), as seen on platforms like X/Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram, enhances their online identity and accessibility. The .xyz domain intuitively aligns with 

the innovative and tech-forward image that Arkis aims to project, positioning the firm as part of a new generation of digital finance pioneers. This uniform branding across various platforms not only strengthens their online presence but also makes it easier for potential clients and partners to find and recognize them. By leveraging the .xyz domain and consistent social media handles, Arkis communicates a cohesive brand identity that resonates with a tech-savvy audience, optimizing brand recall and facilitating seamless interaction across the digital landscape. This strategic approach to online branding underscores the importance of adaptability and integration in building a strong digital footprint in the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance. You can learn more about Arkis by following the firm on X/Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram, and by visiting


Heim.xyzINWX customer – (Switzerland)

Industry leaders, skilled creatives, and tech-focused organizations are utilizing .xyz and more XYZ Registry domains like .Security and .CEO to explore AI’s potential. Artist and designer uses his .xyz to showcase AI-driven art. Media and technology mogul MikeJohns.CEO blends AI and human insight on his .CEO domain. Cybersecurity company Skyhawk.Security harnesses AI to tackle cloud breach prevention and threat detection. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to an influential researcher in the field of AI who highlights his work using a “” domain:

Introducing Lennart Heim: Pioneering the path in AI governance is the personal website of Lennart Heim, a Research Fellow at the Centre for the Governance of AI (GovAI), 1where he spearheads the Compute Governance initiative. Since its inception in 2018 by Allan Dafoe at the University of Oxford, GovAI has been at the forefront of shaping global AI policy and governance. Transitioning from its origins within Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute to an independent entity in 2021, GovAI, now under the leadership of Ben Garfinkel, continues to influence the international dialogue on AI. Within this distinguished institution, Lennart spearheads the Compute Governance initiative, contributing to understanding and guiding the development of AI technologies for societal benefit. Based in England, his work focuses on the critical role of computing power in advancing AI systems, emphasizing the importance of policy development and security measures in AI governance. Through fostering a worldwide research community, Lennart aims to navigate the complex challenges presented by the evolution of AI technologies, ensuring they are developed responsibly and ethically. 

Bridging policy and technology: Lennart Heim’s global advisory influence

Lennart’s advisory role extends to providing policy and technical guidance to key technology companies and governmental entities, primarily in the UK and the US. He contributes to the discourse on AI through his academic work, which investigates the impacts of AI systems, machine learning trends, and the significance of compute, data, and AI hardware. His engagement in the OECD.AI Expert Group on AI Compute and Climate, 2alongside positions at INFER Pub and Epoch, 3further underline his commitment to AI governance strategies. Lennart’s educational foundation in computer engineering was laid at ETH Zürich and RWTH Aachen, universities renowned for their contributions to science and technology.

The 80,000 Hours Podcast: A discussion on the risks of advanced AI

In a June 2023 episode of The 80,000 Hours Podcast, 4Lennart discusses the emerging field of compute governance as a crucial strategy to mitigate the risks of advanced AI, highlighting the challenge of preventing misuse by various actors. Compute governance is a subfield of AI governance concerned with controlling and governing access to computational resources.  Lennart suggests regulating access to supercomputing resources as a potential framework for AI safety regulations, acknowledging the challenges posed by the rapid advancement of AI training algorithms. The conversation also ventured into the future of AI governance, touching on US-China technology tensions and the possibility of embedding safety mechanisms in chips, offering a nuanced view on controlling AI capabilities. A platform for pioneering AI governance insights

Lennart uses as a platform to share resources related to his recent paper, “Computing Power and the Governance of AI,” and maintains a blog for further exploration into AI insights. In his March 10, 2024 blog post titled Considerations and Limitations for AI Hardware-Enabled Mechanisms, Lennart dives into the world of AI chip technology. He stresses how crucial it is to think things through when integrating these technologies into AI rules and regulations to avoid any negative outcomes or misuse. Then, in Crucial Considerations for Compute Governance, he untangles the intricate web of managing AI’s brainpower, shining a light on the tricky act of balancing control with the ever-changing role of computing in AI. Lennart lays out a practical guide for those in charge to navigate through the tricky waters of governance, tackling issues like the fast pace of tech advancements, accessing computing power both online and offline, and navigating the global chip market.

The power of a forward-thinking .xyz domain like

By choosing the domain for his personal website, Lennart aligns himself with a modern, forward-thinking approach to online identity that transcends traditional norms. The .xyz domain, known for its versatility and appeal to a diverse, global audience, symbolizes a break from convention, reflecting the innovative nature of Lennart’s work in AI governance. We asked Lennart about his decision to build on .xyz.  As he shared,

“I mostly wanted something short that includes my name (in that case my last name), and I was inspired by Google’s parent company using, I thought that was cool.”

Lennart’s choice resonates with the tech-savvy community and positions his platform as a hub for cutting-edge research and discourse. By adopting .xyz, Lennart not only showcases his commitment to the future of technology but also enhances the accessibility and memorability of his site, making it a smart, strategic move for reaching a wider audience interested in the intersections of AI, policy, and governance. You can learn more about Lennart by following him on LinkedIn and X/Twitter, and by visiting